Powerful print management in the cloud

A futureproof document solution for the evolving workplace.

Powerful print management in the cloud - Canon UK

Cloud as a bridge between the paper and digital world.

The workplace is constantly evolving and the traditional office we once knew seems to have changed forever. From now on, employees need to be able to work from anywhere, on any device, to ensure business continuity and resilience.

This shift in the way we work has led to the acceleration of digital transformation and the emergence of the hybrid workplace. Introducing many benefits to employees and businesses alike, but organisations are facing new challenges as well.

With its ability to bridge the gap between paper and digital processes, our award-winning cloud print solution can help you meet the challenges of the evolving workplace.

Read on to find out how.

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Cloud print supports agile working

In recent times we have seen how empowering and beneficial location-independent working can be for organisations and their employees. But agile working is about so much more than simply enabling location-independence. It’s about supporting people to work where, when, and how they prefer so that they can maximise productivity and optimise performance.

To support individuals in different locations and with different working styles, your technology setup needs to be flexible. It needs to support paper-based and digital processes in the most effective way possible.

Our cloud print solution is the process hub you need. It can help bridge the gap between the paper and digital world and support your employees with all their document’ needs.

How? Well, what if your employees could securely:

  • Submit a print job from anywhere and release this job from any device they want? They can even use their mobile phone to submit and release their printing
  • Delegate print jobs to be released and collected by colleagues if they do not have a printer to hand but a colleague does?
  • Automate common document processes, such as scanning, naming, indexing, and distributing documents directly from their printer?

With our cloud print solution, they can.

Discover why cloud solutions have been predicted to become vital for the evolving workplace.
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Lift the burden off your IT department

As we move away from traditional ways of working, cloud solutions will become vital for our future workspaces. Why? Because integrating this technology into your day-to-day processes now, will give you a solid, yet flexible, foundation for the future.

Cloud doesn’t just empower mobile workforces. It enables IT teams to step away from many daily tasks related to maintaining a physical infrastructure too. Moving your print infrastructure to the cloud could lift even more burdens from your IT department.

Our cloud print solution enables your IT team to manage your print fleet online from a single platform. Giving you visibility of your organisation’s printing, copying, faxing and scanning behaviour, regardless of the location of a device.

But that isn’t all. It also helps you to:

  • Eliminate costs related to the use, maintenance and upgrades of on-premise servers, including storage costs, as a local server is no longer required
  • Eliminate costs and resource associated to sending print jobs sent via VPN, by processing jobs through the cloud
  • Eliminate multiple print drivers and print queues, making the solutions easy to configure and manage.

It improves print and energy efficiency too. Oh, and did we mention the solutions' scalability and automatic updates?!

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Cloud integration at (your) pace

Now more than ever, integration between your systems and technologies is key to ensure information still flows through your business efficiently. Without integration you run the risk of introducing costly bottlenecks to your business processes that could harm staff and IT productivity.

To improve your IT infrastructure and business processes, have you considered moving your print infrastructure to the cloud? It could be revolutionary.

Hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, our multiple award-winning cloud print solution integrates seamlessly with:

  • Office 365, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Chrome Print and others, offering an easy and fast way to print from and scan to many cloud destinations
  • Microsoft Universal Print, giving you the opportunity to create a completely serverless environment by combining it with our cloud print solution.

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Keeping data safe in the cloud

Security is important. Staying on top of it though, can be time and resource intensive, especially in an ever-changing landscape. How do you ensure your business-critical information is not only flowing as it should be, but also remains protected in today’s evolving workplace?

One thing to consider is how you protect your data and documents as they travel inside and outside your organisation. Something else you need to keep in mind is data compliance. We can help you with this.

Our cloud print solution encrypts data in transit and at rest too, meaning that files move securely between laptops, mobile devices, printers, and cloud storage platforms. That’s not all. Zero-trust security adds another level of security by constantly checking data traveling in and out of your network.

Lastly, hosted in multiple Microsoft Azure™ data centres across the globe – including one in the UK and Europe – our cloud print solution can support compliance and data sovereignty. Microsoft Azure™ provides multi-layered security across its data centres too, with teams of global cybersecurity experts working together to safeguard data confidentiality. All of this adds up to huge savings in terms of time and resources allocated to securing your data.

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Why Canon?

Canon has been the leading name in imaging for over 80 years. We’re known for our innovation and security. Now we’re winning awards for our secure cloud print solution too.

Innovation: We have a strong history of industry firsts: the first electric colour photocopier in 1973; the first to introduce bubble-jet printing technology in 1985; the first to bring colour laser copier auto-duplexing. And now, we’re public cloud printing pioneers too.

Security: All our products and solutions are rigorously tested and ‘secure by design’. This approach was recognised by IDC MarketScape, who have listed Canon as a leader in worldwide print and document security solutions and services.1

Canon Europe has also received ISO 27001 certification for its information security management system, reassuring customers that we adhere to world class standards.

Award winning: Our cloud print solution is winning awards!

  • Buyers Lab 2021 Pick awarded Canon uniFLOW Online ‘Outstanding Cloud Output Management Solution of the Year’ recognising the solution’s ease-of-use, strong portfolio of features and mobile support compared to other cloud-based print solutions
  • Print IT Reseller awarded uniFLOW Online ‘Cloud Print Solution of the Year 2020’ highlighting the solution’s flexibility and security features
  • Buyers Lab 2021 awarded Canon ‘A4 Line of the Year’ saying “Canon’s impressive line-up surpassed the competition in so many ways."
  • Buyers Lab has presented Canon with the Copier MFP line up of the year award four out of the last five years.

Discover Canons journey through Cloud Print to help the evolving workplaces
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Harnessing the cloud in tomorrow’s workspace

Cloud technology is enabling the future workspace. Are you ready to build your cloud-first strategy?

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