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The flexible solution for commercial printers

In response to diverse customer needs, greater demands for shorter print runs and the increase in online ordering (accelerated by the pandemic), many commercial printers are looking for ways to become more flexible.

Inkjet development has reached a level of maturity that allows commercial printers to achieve high productivity, cost-efficiency and return on investment without having to compromise on quality, which is now on a par with offset and digital electrophotography.

Offset printers are able to transition their work or large parts of their work to a more adaptable, effective and efficient digital print production with the capability to grow into new added value services in the future.

Commercial printers who have invested in inkjet are seeing the benefits of the technology and the opportunities it presents. Enabling them to achieve high production flexibility and productivity, it’s a strong investment option for commercial printers reviewing their business plans and exploring the services they can expand into.

The advantages of inkjet

With continuous developments to the technology – around print heads, inks and media – inkjet has proved itself as a production printing technology for now and the future. Here’s why:

  • Quality – Historically, inkjet suffered from perceptions of poor/inconsistent quality, but it can now reliably match the quality of offset on both standard offset coated and uncoated papers.
  • Productivity – High-speed inkjet now closes the productivity gap between offset and digital electrophotography, reducing time to market and ensuring consistent and repeatable quality without the need for highly skilled operators.
  • Added value – Using inkjet technology, commercial printers can extend their product offering and target prospective customers with new high-value applications that integrate highly personalised content.
  • Agility – Continuous advancements in end-to-end digital printing workflows, from job onboarding through to finished output, ensure that inkjet solutions can efficiently and cost-effectively handle a large throughput of work as well as ultra-short runs (even single prints).

How will inkjet help me grow my business?

High speed inkjet technology enables commercial printers to take the next steps towards the digitalisation of their print business. Industrial-scale productivity, print quality that matches offset and access to automated digital workflow, are all key reasons why inkjet will help you to grow your business today and beyond.

For digital printers already using electrophotographic technology, inkjet opens up new opportunities for higher run-lengths and print volumes. Alternatively, traditional offset printers can now complement their existing product line-up with a flexible solution which will enable them to expand their capacity and grow into new markets.

With an investment into high-speed inkjet technology, commercial printers can cover their present printing requirements, while looking to the future and adapting their business models to add greater value for their customers and be better able to react flexibly to changing market and consumer demands.

It’s time to look to the future and reTHINK Commercial Print.

To understand more about the flexibility of inkjet technology and how you can adapt your business and evolve with the changing commercial print landscape, download our reTHINK Commercial Print guide here: LINK

reTHINK Commercial Print

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Discover what the future could hold for you as a commercial printer, and how you can optimise processes through end-to-end solutions and add value to your customers’ businesses.

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