A Journey of Success in Advertising

Find out how Visual Promotions transformed their visions into advertising excellence with their Canon large format printing systems.

Visual Promotions journey of success in advertising using Canon's large format printing systems video

Visual Promotion has emerged as a trailblazer in the field of advertising. This case study outlines the inspiring journey of Visual Promotion, a company that started as a small venture in Kraków in 2009 and has since grown into a powerhouse in the advertising industry, serving a global clientele with innovative solutions.

The Founding Years

In 2009, Mariusz Lenart, along with two friends from university, embarked on a mission to establish a small advertising company in Kraków, Poland. The initial vision was modest, but the team possessed an unwavering belief in their capabilities and a burning desire to make a mark in the industry.

Visual Promotions representative operating  a Canon large format printer

We have knowledge and competence and an advanced portfolio of quality equipment that allows us to implement a project from design to final installation."

Discovering Potential in Large Format Advertising

As Visual Promotion evolved, it became apparent that there was untapped potential in the advertising market, particularly in the realm of large format advertising. This realisation marked a turning point in the company's journey.

Commitment to Excellence

Mariusz Lenart and his team adopted a philosophy where nothing was deemed impossible in the world of advertising. Their commitment to excellence was underpinned by a profound reservoir of knowledge, unwavering competence, and a cutting-edge portfolio of quality equipment. This allowed them to undertake projects from conceptualisation to final installation, ensuring a seamless and superior client experience.

Visual Promotions representatives discovering the potential of large format advertising with Canon's large format technology

Building Trust Across Borders

Visual Promotion's dedication to excellence quickly gained recognition on the global stage. Today, the company is entrusted by a network of over 30 international clients spanning various industries. This trust is a testament to the company's commitment to delivering exceptional results consistently.

Investing In Sustainable Innovation

In under a year, Visual Promotion upgraded to 2 Canon Arizona 2360 XTF flatbed printers, replacing older models, to boost production capacity while maintaining sustainability. "These printers offer speed, stability, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness, along with a reputation for reliability. On the previous models, we've printed 380,000 sqm with minimal downtime, ensuring production continuity and high-quality output", co-founder Mariusz Lenart explains.

He also emphasises the significance of ecological considerations when producing elements for interior retail for example. The Arizona, utilising UV LED curing technology and solvent-free inks, enables the creation of odorless and environmentally safe materials.

The Arizona 2360 XTF flatbed printers utilise energy-efficient UV LED technology, reducing operational expenses. They feature an advanced nozzle and ink system for precise and even application on media, while minimising wear. Canon's UV LED inks are UL GREENGUARD Gold certified, ensuring the safe use of Arizona prints in public areas like schools, hotels, and hospitals.

Arizona remanufacturing

Highlighting Canon's sustainable approach, customers investing in new Arizona devices can opt for the remanufacturing program. Here, Canon buys back older devices, thoroughly services them, and reintroduces them to the secondary market, giving them a second life and prolonging their operational lifespan for years.

Image representing Canon's Arizona remanufacturing for a sustainability approach to prolong their operational lifespan

Comprehensive Ecosystem, Operational Convenience

Beyond the Arizona flatbed printers, Visual Promotion's equipment lineup includes other cutting-edge Canon products such as the wide-format cutting system called ProCut, a Colorado 1640 and the fully modular Colorado M-series roll-to-roll printer. This comprehensive ecosystem, all from a single supplier, ensures operational convenience while guaranteeing the flawless execution of even the most complex applications.

Future Expansion and Recognition

Visual Promotion's journey is far from over. Their future plans involve further expansion into international markets and an unwavering commitment to increasing recognition for their brand. With their relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, Visual Promotion is poised for continued success in the dynamic world of advertising.

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