Penetration Testing: Protect Your Business From Hidden Threats

Learn how Pen Testing proactively identifies vulnerabilities, fortifies your organisation’s defences, and empowers informed security decisions.
Canon Penetration Testing webinar

Get Proactive With Your IT Security

Over half (59%)1 of medium sized UK businesses faced a cyberattack in 2023, with a worrying 70%2 rise in ransomware attacks. This emphasises the critical need for all organisations to strengthen their cybersecurity defences.

Uncover weaknesses before attackers do through Penetration Testing, which proactively identifies critical vulnerabilities in your applications, networks, devices, and wireless infrastructure.

This webinar will covers:
● The basics of Penetration Testing and its benefits
● Different types of Pen Tests and how to choose the right one for your business
● What to expect during a Pen Test
● How to remediate vulnerabilities and secure your systems

Learn how Penetration Testing can help you safeguard your valuable data and give you peace of mind.


Our speaker for this special webinar was Max Scarrott from Fidus Information Security, part of Wavenet, Canon's IT Services partner. Fidus has been providing advanced penetration services since 2017.
Max Scarrott - Wavenet

Max Scarrott

Max is a Director at Fidus with over 8 years of experience in information security. Fidus are an NCSC CHECK Green Light approved consultancy who provide advanced penetration services.

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