Network and Data Security

Network and Data Security

At the same time, external threats have grown too. With the amount of sensitive data now being sent over IP networks, high performance security on all your networking devices is vital, which includes only authorised computers and devices which can connect to your network and printers.

Canon offers a range of security solutions to keep your network and data safe from internal and external attacks.

Activation/Deactivation of Network Protocols, Ports and Applications
Allows any device to be blocked from communicating with Internet protocols deemed to be insecure.

IP Address Range Setting
(IP blocks) Ensures that only print jobs that come from authorised computers will be accepted and printed.

MAC Address Filtering
(Hardware blocks) Even more secure than IP Address Range Setting. Restricts printing access to a predefined list of network cards. Ensures access is only available to the users that you specify.

TCP/IP Service Control
Allows the administrator to disable specific network functions.

Encrypted Communication
HTTPS ensures that passwords and confidential information entered on a device are kept secure. Print jobs sent to the device via the Internet are protected by the secure version of the Internet Printing Protocol (IPPS).

Disk Erasure
Lets user totally erase data from the hard disk after a job has been completed. Also allows you to completely conceal the list of jobs processed from everyone except the system administrator.

Secure Data Transfer
Wherever your data and documents are headed, across the office or around the world, HTTPS and IPPS mean they’re protected in transit.

Hard Disk Data Encryption
High-security 168-bit encryption means that even if someone steals or hacks the hard disk from your printer, you can be sure they won’t be able to read it.

Hard Disk Removal
In environments where data security is a major concern, Canon is able to remove the hard drive from a device for secure disposal at the end of its service life.