Information Security Services

Keeping information security tight is a constant task. Need support?

Our security services take the pressure off your internal team by protecting your devices and data at every stage – from evaluating your security vulnerabilities to safe end-of-life device data disposal.
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Information Security Services


Canon Information Security Services

With information security, there’s many moving parts to consider. It can be overwhelming – especially when you’re trying to stay agile.

So let us help. Our security experts can help you define the level of defence you need and provide customised protection for your input / output management infrastructure for its entire lifecycle.

Key Services

Our value-add services for information security are designed to help you stay compliant and protect sensitive data.

From before your fleet is installed, during use, and even when disposing of devices at end-of-life, we’re here to help.

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    Pre-Install: Office Health Check

    Scan your office network to identify potential data security vulnerabilities

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    Install: Device Hardening

    Configure your devices to recommended hardening baseline

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    Operation: Secure Profile Management

    Proactively monitor security configuration for Canon devices

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    End-of-life: Data Removal

    Remove physical and digital data from your redundant devices


Information Security Services with Canon

Prevent security breaches

Defend your workspace from cyber attacks

Protect your business

Avoid fines and brand damage caused by information leaks

Boost compliance

Enable your company’s data security policies and meet regulations

Award-winning digital transformation taking place in an office.

Information Security with Canon: Services Factsheet

Check out our information security services factsheet to learn how we can help you bolster your data fortress.

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  • System Integration & Implementation Services

    Designing a solution is one thing, delivering and setting it up is another. We work closely with your teams to ensure solutions ease seamlessly into business operations and are maintained with long-term support.

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    Data removal

    At the end of their lives, we can collect your devices, inspect and erase the hard drives, and even destroy it securely at a dedicated facility where needed.

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    Device Hardening

    We’ll strengthen your device by addressing commonly known threats and general security requirements through a secure baseline configuration, or we can provide you with a bespoke security configuration service for your specific needs.

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    Office Health Check

    We offer a comprehensive audit to establish weak spots and advise on how you can shore up your defences.

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