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Canon’s business services and solutions are scalable, reliable and ethical - helping you deliver better services to citizens for less by innovation.
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Delivering Digital Transformation in Local Government.

Providing excellent local services, driving a digital first approach for citizens, and enabling new ways of working for staff, against a scale of economic, social and environmental challenges.

We can help

Canon has over 45 years’ experience in supporting Local Government, and is the preferred supplier for many public sector framework agreements, helping authorities:

  • Accelerate citizen response times

    through digitising and automating essential processes within and across departments.

  • Ensure sensitive citizen data remains secure

    with zero trust print networks, secure print and scan features, MicroSoft Azure™ data centres – including in the UK.

  • Achieve value for money

    creating efficiencies and streamlining your print and document workflows.

  • Support sustainability

    through innovative, environmentally friendly technologies, supplies and services.

  • “Canon’s expertise and technology has enabled us to evolve our manged print service into a managed document service providing further reduction in costs, increase in productivity, and supporting the greater focus on the employee and citizens of Fife.”

    Our Local Government solutions

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    Intelligent Scanning, Workflows & Archiving

    Whilst the goal is digital first, we live in a hybrid world, where many processes still start or involve with a paper form. Bridge the gap between paper and digital with our scanning solutions capture paper documents, digitise them, extract relevant data fields to trigger automated processes, and automatically archive them for easy retrieval. Our solutions can seamlessly integrate with your existing document management software platforms, allowing a quick and smooth transition to our print and scanning services.

    Digital Mailroom

    Get incoming paper mail where it needs to be across multiple sites and dispersed workers, automatically classifying documents and routing them to the correct process or person.

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    Employees using Canon printers in the office

    Inhouse Print Solutions

    Print remains an important part of Local Governments' marketing and communications mix, and with our inhouse print offering you can deliver high quality, on demand and personalised output quickly and easily, reducing outsourced print costs.

    Hybrid Mail

    Drop your digital data into online and physical documents at volume, so you can respond efficiently and effectively to emergencies or spikes in demand with personalised mass communications.

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    Man working from home

    Cloud & Mobile Print

    Enable your hybrid workforce to print wherever they are, and future proof your local authority with a cloud print infrastructure that is easily scalable to the required number of users, removes onsite print IT server costs and space, and offers peace of mind on the security front with a UK Microsoft Azure™ data centre and Zero Trust capability.

    Managed Print & Document Services

    Cut costs, improve sustainability, and eliminate waste by letting us manage your end-to-end print products and services for you. We can be the knowledgeable support and information partner you require - allowing you to free up time to refocus on the digital first approach for your citizens.

    Colleagues collaborating looking over documents

    “By enabling scanning functionality, paper documents are seamlessly integrated into our digital workflows, thereby leading to increased productivity.”

    Case studies

    Learn how we helped Local Authorities deliver smarter ways of working, increased the quality of their print – whilst producing ambitious cost savings.

  • Norfolk County Council Continues to Transform

    Learn how Canon supported Norfolk County Council achieve its goals to drastically reduce reliance on paper, whilst also advancing print capabilities for important documents through its impressive new Digital Transformation Services facility.

  • Leeds City Council

    Learn how we helped tackle inefficiencies and unmanaged print costs for the second largest metropolitan authority in the UK.

  • Fife Council

    How we helped Fife Council on their Digital Transformation journey with the primary focus on employees and citizens.

  • East Lothian Council

    Learn how we helped maximise cost savings through digitally transforming legacy processes and reducing spend on IT systems by implementing more efficient models.

  • Norfolk County Council

    Find out how Canon helped Norfolk County Council create smarter ways of working whilst delivering ambitious cost savings.

  • Cardiff County Council

    Read how we helped pursue their Digital Transformation journey to deliver cost savings, streamline documents and increase staff productivity.

  • Enfield Council

    Learn how we helped Enfield Council’s in-house print department strengthen their value by producing more high-value colour print jobs.

  • Hertsmere Borough Council

    Find out how we helped reduce costs by removing the need to outsource print and re-investing in their print room.

  • Other Public Sector Organisations

    Learn how Canon works with other organisations within the Public Sector to help with their document management and printing requirements.



    Learn how Canon can support Education providers deliver optimised educational outcomes.



    Learn how Canon have supported Healthcare deliver better patient outcomes.


    Central Government

    Learn how Canon can support Central Government with all their document and printing requirements.

  • Frameworks

    We are partnered with multiple public sector frameworks to provide premium quality solutions to local authorities.

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    Related solutions

    Explore specific Canon solutions that underpin our digital Transformation services.

  • Document Scanning & Capture Software

    Reduce time-consuming manual processes for government staff with our smart data capture solutions.

  • Managed Print Services

    Ease staff burden. Save money and prevent data breaches by outsourcing your print management across student campus and faculty homes.

  • Cloud Process management

    Capture documents, initiate business processes and collaborate from anywhere.

  • Digital Mailroom

    Adopt an end-to-end ecosystem to manage all incoming document securely and efficiently.

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  • Want to know more?

    Explore how Canon can help guide you on your digital transformation journey through adopting innovative solutions that suit your budget.