Canon is partnered with multiple public sector framework agreements for all of your procurement needs for each sector.
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Compliance in Public Sector Procurement with Canon

By partnering with Canon, you will have access to the leading Public Sector Frameworks in today’s highly regulated marketplace. We can support your procurement needs and objectives by offering a range of suitable routes to market that will ensure best value, the most technically advantageous scope and full compliance.

Canon are constantly evaluating the Framework landscape to ensure we can offer our customers relevant options to procure through to support a range of objectives from Social Value and Sustainability to Cloud migration and Digital Transformation.

If you would like to discuss your procurement needs and which route to market would be most suited to your organisations Sector, or procurement objectives, then please get in touch with our Framework Manager, at, for an initial discussion on how Canon can help.

Current Public Sector frameworks

that can be used to support your organisations are listed below.

  • Crown Commercial Service (CCS)

  • Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC)

  • SP - 21 - 46 Managed Print Solutions

  • London Procurement Partnership (LPP)

  • Welsh Government

  • National Education Printer Agreement (NEPA)

  • Crown Commercial Service (CCS)

    The current iteration of the MFD and Managed Print Service Framework is RM6174 and to help deliver great service to its customers Crown Commercial Service (CCS) have continued their Partnership with Yorkshire Procurement Organisation (YPO) and East Shires Procurement Organisation (ESPO). The scope of this framework is extremely varied and can cater for most of your print and Managed Print Service-related needs.

    Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC)

    Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) is owned and run by its members, which are predominantly in the Education Sector, but wider public sector organisations can also use it. CPC’s Multifunctional devices and digital transformation solutions framework is managed by Dukefield Print Solutions, which is part of the Dukefield Group.

    Lot 2 of this framework, titled Digital Transformation Services, offers a highly flexible approach to market leveraging a more strategic partnership between customer and supplier and can aid a multi-faceted and longer-term procurement strategy.

    SP - 21 - 46 Managed Print Solutions

    Scottish Procurement Office Equipment Framework is aimed at working in partnership with Scottish public sector organisations to transform traditional printing environments to reduce cost, improve efficiency, enable productivity gains, digital transformation, hybrid working practices and support sustainability objectives. The framework will meet your organisation’s print related procurement objectives.

    London Procurement Partnership (LPP)

    London Procurement Partnership (LPP) specialise in procurement support to the Health Sector, but their frameworks can be used across the wider public sector. Their current Digital Document Solutions Framework provides organisations a highly flexible route to market for a wide variety of print and digital transformation needs by focussing on a longer-term strategic partnership with suppliers.

    Welsh Government

    Welsh Government Frameworks are offering Public Sector organisations in Wales the ability to procure through a designated framework designed to support the Welsh Government agenda and their specific policies, such as the Future Generations act. The Multifunctional Device Framework can be used to support the majority of print and Managed Print Service-related procurement objectives.

    National Education Printer Agreement (NEPA)

    The National Education Printer Agreement (NEPA) is managed by the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium and their affiliated organisations. It is aimed at and funded by its members who are from the Higher Education Sector within the UK. It is designed to support Universities with their print and Managed Print Service needs.

    Public Sector Organisations

    Learn how Canon works with Public Sector organisations to help them solve their document management and printing challenges.



    Learn how Canon can support Education providers deliver optimised educational outcomes.



    Learn how Canon have supported Healthcare deliver better patient outcomes.


    Local Government

    Learn how Canon helps Local Authorities deliver better services to citizens for less.


    Central Government

    Learn how Canon can support Central Government with all their document and printing requirements.

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    Learn how Canon can help you with your procurement needs and assist you in choosing the best route to market for you.

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