Canon ME20F-SH

Shoot from daylight to ‘starlight’

Open up a new world of creative filmmaking possibilities! The innovative ME20F-SH full-frame Full HD video camera delivers ultra low light performance and infrared capability at an unrivalled sensitivity of over ISO 4 million.


    Introducing the ME20F-SH

    Watch how the ME20F-SH performs

    Capture colour and low light as never before


    Shoot with maximum light-gathering ability

    A special, newly developed full-frame 35mm 2.26 Megapixel CMOS sensor is designed specifically for low light video capture. With larger pixel sizes the sensor maximises light-gathering capabilities to deliver ultra low light images with low noise.

    Film at over ISO 4 million

    Thanks to a maximum ISO in excess of an unparalleled 4 million (+75dB) the ME20F-SH can see and shoot in almost complete darkness at less than 0.0005 lux. In other words you can shoot a night sky with confidence even when it’s lit purely by starlight (with an f/1.2 lens at 29.97p and maximum gain).


    The colour camera that sees in the dark

    See and shoot colour

    The ME20F-SH is able to clearly see and identify colours, even in extreme low light conditions and high gain settings, plus it has the added advantage and ability to capture infrared (IR) in colour too.


    High quality Full HD output

    Flexible control over creative options

    Auto shooting options

    The ME20F-SH is easy to set up and use, with a range of automatic modes including shutter priority (Tv), aperture priority (Av) and auto gain control (AGC),* as well as Auto White Balance and One-Shot AF. Crucially, manual control is always available, giving you creative control over camera settings when you need it.

    * Some features may require a firmware update. More…


    Custom Picture settings

    The camera’s Custom Picture menu offers a variety of options that control various aspects of the image produced. You can save up to six custom pictures files in-camera for later use or use one of three preset Custom Picture files (Canon Log, Wide DR or EOS Standard).

    Chroma key made simple

    Support for chroma key operation has been enhanced for the ME20F-SH making it ideal for news, presentations or even special effects in independent films.*

    * May require a firmware update. More…

    Wide ISO range

    The ME20F-SH offers a mind-boggling ISO range from 800 (0dB) to over 4 million (+75dB), which allows filmmakers to shoot anything from daylight conditions right through to ‘starlight’ conditions at night.


    Remote operation of built-in filters

    Fast and easy remote operation of the ME20F-SH’s built-in, electronically controlled ND filters (3-stop and 6-stop) and IR cut filter is possible via the compatible Canon Remote Controller RC-V100.


    Seamless compatibility and configuration

    Flexible installation for ease of use

    Compact and lightweight body

    The ME20F-SH is a compact and lightweight camera that weighs just 1.1kg and measures approximately 102x116x113mm (wxhxd). It’s ideal for low light location work, whether on land or underwater.


    Easy mounting and positioning

    With both bottom and top mounting points the ME20F-SH provides the flexibility for easily positioning and mounting on to robotic heads, brackets, cranes and tripods; thus effortlessly integrating into location workflows. It’s quite simply a unique, multi-purpose camera for almost any lighting condition.

    Aurora Skycam

    Video Gallery

    ‘Miss Aurora’s Dance’ with the ME20F-SH





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