Winning image of the Canon Redline Challenge 2023 revealed

London, UK, November 6, 2023 – In its third and record-breaking year, with over 30,000 images from over 50 countries submitted, Canon Europe is pleased to reveal the winner of this year’s Redline Challenge photography competition. Following the theme of ‘Room to Breathe’, the creative task required entrants to have a strong sense of composition and framing, as well as the ability to convey calmness and serenity in their work.


Carlos Salvador from Spain captured this strikingly ethereal image of a dog on a foggy beach.

Carlos Salvador’s winning image, in which he captured his dog on a morning walk along his local beach, is very captivating. The posture of the dog, looking curiously to the side, reveals a brief moment of stillness between the two. The fog adds an element of mystery to the scene. Carlos will receive a Canon EOS R5 bundle, including the highly versatile RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM lens.

12 stunning images had made it into the final shortlist this year, and a panel of judges assessed each entry for its composition, creativity, and technical mastery. “Anyone who has ever tried to photograph a pet knows that it is almost impossible to get it to pose”. Carlos managed to get a perfectly composed shot, with his dog framed in the left third of the image, “his gaze almost guiding the viewer “, said competition judge and Canon Ambassador Joel Santos. “The colours are also perfectly balanced with the warm ochre tone of the sand juxtaposed with the cooler blue tones of the sky. Overall, the serene atmosphere of the image really spoke to us, a beautiful moment of reflection.”

“This year’s brief was tough because it left so much room for interpretation, and we were thrilled to see that the task elicited creativity beyond what we could’ve imagined. We’ve received submissions across lots of different genres, from sports to landscape and fine art. It’s always an incredibly rewarding exercise to look at all the different expressions of one theme. Hopefully the Redline Challenge will “continue to inspire photography enthusiasts to keep exploring“, said Susie Donaldson, European Marketing Director at Canon.