Canon Ambassadors: Jonathan & Angela Scott

Did the trip have a happy ending, as far as finding a tiger?
"Yes it did, thanks to our fantastic guides we got three sightings. But simply seeing a tiger is not enough if you're a photographer, you still need all the other elements to fall into place for a great photo. The tigers often lie up in the thick undergrowth during daytime making it impossible to get the shot you're hoping for.

© Jonathan & Angela Scott. Canon Ambassadors
Shot on EOS-1Ds Mark III; Lens EF 800mm f/5.6L IS USM + Extender EF 1.4x, Exposure 1/160, f/13, ISO 1000
"A young female tiger on the move in the late evening light. Sidelight and backlight are our favourite kinds of light for photography."

"However, if you put in the hours, days, weeks even, sooner or later you will get something to excite you. This shot of Angie's has everything you could ask for. It is so much more than you might get from a portrait of a captive animal; there is energy to it with the tiger very much in its own world and totally unconcerned by our presence. The long grass and golden light mirror the young female's beautiful markings, complementing the autumnal look of the landscape. You can see why we believe that the tiger exudes the power and strength of a lion combined with the stealth and beauty of a leopard.

"Seeing and photographing a tiger is definitely the highlight of any Indian safari. But, actually, I think the other shots show what photography is really about and what we tell our students, how planning enables you to make a great photograph. You must think about the light, know your subject's behaviour, capture a variety of shots - close-ups, landscapes and details - to create your story."

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Canon Ambassadors: Jonathan & Angela Scott