Design and print your own t-shirts!

If you are out at a festival or special occasion, there is a great way to stand out from the crowd and make a really personal statement; create your own custom printed t-shirt with Canon’s TR-301 T-Shirt Transfers!

T-shirts are perfect for summer weather and when they have your own design on them they say far more than one purchased in a shop. And if you are off to a special event with friends, then what’s even better is to go together with t-shirts sharing one design; that way you’ll never lose each other!

Making your special t-shirt couldn’t be easier. Start by creating your design* on your computer using any suitable graphics software application. Next you will need to pop the TR-301 T-Shirt Transfers into your PIXMA, and print your design. Finally iron your transfer onto your t-shirt, stand back and admire the finished article. Full instructions are supplied with the transfers.

* If you reproduce a company logo, trademark, cartoon character, etc. with a transfer sheet, copyright laws prohibit the use of such items for commercial purposes.

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