Tutorial: Autumn Skies Photography

Autumn Skies

Late autumn skies may be grey more often than summer ones but there are still wonderful images to be captured. With more cloud in the sky, they become more important features in your photos.

Making clouds a feature means looking at the composition of your photos in a slightly different way; the sky will often form a much larger part of the image. This article covers the equipment and techniques but also shows great examples taken by You Connect members.

Topics covered:

• Getting the lighting right
• Polarising filter
• Graduated filter
• High Dynamic Range (HDR)
• Cloud forms
• Elements of sky photography
• Black & white
• Sunrise and sunset
• Rule of thirds
• Post processing
• Cloud banks

Dubrovnik, © Otto Runge 2011, Canon EOS 5D

Getting the lighting right
As a general rule, skies are much brighter than the ground. This creates an exposure problem. If you expose for the ground, the sky will be overexposed and featureless. We have all taken photographs where the sky appears white, even though we know that it was bright blue when we shot the picture.

If you expose for the sky, you will capture the detail in the clouds, but the ground will be underexposed and dark.

Read on to discover ways to overcome this.

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