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The good thing about landscapes is that they are not going anywhere. You can take your time setting up your camera and make sure the composition is just right.


You can also experiment with manual modes. Many Canon cameras including the PowerShot G, SX and S ranges feature shutter-priority (Tv) mode. This mode enables you to set a slower shutter speed such as a second, or longer. Using this shutter speed with the camera on a sturdy tripod, anything static in the scene will be sharp, but moving subjects, such as long grass or leaves blowing in the wind, will be blurred.

A different perspective on the same view
An interesting set of images can be created by returning to the same place throughout a year to capture a landscape through the seasons. Try to find a place for your camera that is easy to locate time after time – a particular stone on a low wall, for example, or a point mid-way between two distinctive trees. 

The new PowerShot SX 230 HS offers GPS* tagging with a Logger function so it is easy to track back to exactly the same spot to take the photos. In addition, every photo it takes is tagged with location data so that you can show your journey and images on a map using the supplied software.

*GPS use may be restricted in certain countries or regions. Use of GPS should comply with the laws and regulations of the country and area in which it is being operated including any restriction on the use of electronics.

Enter the Gallery
Landscape photographs are some of the most popular in the You Connect Gallery and bright spring days are perfect for capturing great scenes. You have read this tutorial, so take your camera outdoors and capture some special landscape images. Select your favourites and enter them in the Gallery. Next month your photo could be displayed as one of the best!

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