Tutorial: Post Production


Some landscapes are best shown as panoramas – a long, narrow format taking in more of the scene than is possible with most wide-angle lenses.


Panoramas are usually created by taking several shots of the scene, moving from left to right (or vice versa between each exposure. An overlap of 1/3 to ½ should be made so that consecutive images can be merged together.


PhotoStitch, supplied with your Canon camera, does all the hard work. After opening the application you select the set of images, arrange them in the correct order and let PhotoStitch merge them to create a single panoramic file on its own.

Alternatively you can control the process more using the ‘Specify Overlapping Areas’ window gives you the opportunity to move where the overlap occurs which can improve the transition between the individual images.


Give it a go
If you haven’t tried the software supplied with your camera, then now is the time to discover how it can help you. If you’ve investigated it a little, you can now go into more depth, armed with the knowledge of what you can achieve.

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