Tutorial: Post Production

Make the most of your photos

When you buy an EOS you get more than a camera – you also get powerful and easy-to-use software to manage and optimise your photos.

For beginners, the software is a perfect introduction to the world of post-exposure processing. For advanced users, it is well worth exploring the software to see if it will fit into your workflow.

In this tutorial we will cover the following:
• Updating your software
• EOS Utility
• PhotoStitch
• Digital Photo Professional
• Picture Style Editor 


Spring Morning Mood, © Markus Ritzmann 2012, Canon EOS 40D

Updating your software
Before you get started it is worth making sure that you have the latest versions of the programs. If you have not updated the software supplied with you camera since you installed it you might be missing out on the latest features. First check your current versions by opening the programs in turn and selecting the ‘About…’ option from the menu giving the name of the program.

Updating your software is free and easy. Click here, select your country and camera from the drop-down menus and finally your computer operating system and language from the menus on the next screen. You will see a list of the latest program versions and can download the appropriate updaters. Full installation instructions are given.

You need the software from the original disk installed on your computer for the updater to work.

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