Tutorial: Sports Photography


Although there are a number of points that are particularly relevant to sports photography, don’t forget one of the basics; composition.


Sea and wind that passion, © Zsuzsanna Acs 2011, Canon EOS 50D

Find a good viewpoint and position your subject carefully in the frame to get photographs with the impact you are seeking. Consider shooting from a distance to put the event in context as well as moving closer (or zooming in with your lens) to isolate a small part of the action. Photograph the venue and details within the venue. Take pictures of corner flags or starting blocks, basketball hoops or a pile of tennis balls. Try to isolate important elements of the sport.

Final advice
Respect the game. Respect the players. Do not press the shutter button if the noise of the camera is likely to create a distraction. Be very quiet when a tennis player is about to serve or a golfer is about to swing. But keep practicing and you will take great photographs.

Enter the Gallery
There is a whole host of sports events around every weekend. The tutorial has given you advice on how to take better action photos, so now go and capture some great images and then enter the best ones in the Gallery. Next month your photo could be on display.

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