Frame rates

In Europe, frame rates of 50 frames per second (fps) or 25fps are recommended for the PAL television format. It is worth starting with 25fps as that will give smaller file sizes. You can switch to 50fps if you see blur in the subjects you are shooting. With SD (Standard Definition – 640x480) image quality and 25fps, a 4GB media card is adequate to capture the movie files until you can download them to a computer. With HD (High Definition) shooting, only about 10 minutes of movie time can be stored on a 4GB card – an 8GB or 16GB card is recommended.


Canon digital cameras and camcorders are very good at shooting in low light, even indoors at night under artificial light but switching on extra room light, if available, will help. If the colour balance doesn’t look quite right,  consider moving from Auto WB to one of the alternative preset settings.

When recording in dark conditions, your camcorder will automatically adjust the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) – however higher values of gain may result in more noticeable video noise. To avoid this, you can set a limit on the AGC. Your instruction manual will advise on how to achieve this.

If you still need extra light, there is a range of Canon external Video Lights. Again, check your camcorder’s manual to find which ones are compatible.

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