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FAQ ID: 27132
Last modified: 28-May-08

FAQ: How do I change the fax number and name on my laserfax L380?

Helpful Information:


Follow this procedure to enter or change the faxnumber:

  1. Press [Menu].
  2. Press the "Left" or "Right" arrow key until "Fax Settings" is shown on the display.
  3. Press [OK].
    ("User Settings" will be shown on the display.)
  4. Press [OK].
    ("Tel Line Settings" will be shown on the display.)
  5. Press [OK].
    ("User Tel No" will be shown on the display.)
  6. Press [OK].
  7. Use the numeric buttons to enter your fax/telephone number (max. 20 digits, including spaces).
  8. Press [OK].
  9. Press [Stop/Reset] to return to standby mode.

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