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Inspiring a World of Change

Richard Sceats
Richard Sceats

Brand and Partnership Lead, EMEA

How do you show to your customers (and future customers) that your brand has a meaningful purpose? This is something that has always been vital but has intensified during the pandemic. At a time when the focus is on our shared humanity and how we can all play a part in creating a better world, it’s never been more important to use actions and words.
At the beginning of 2020, we announced that we would be the Official Imaging Supplier to Expo 2020 Dubai. These ‘Great Exhibitions’ have long been a place where the world comes together to collaborate, innovate and marvel at what humanity can accomplish together. It presented the perfect opportunity to share our brand purpose – Imaging to Transform our World – on a global stage.  
And although the pandemic postponed Expo 2020 Dubai by twelve months, this actually gave us an opportunity to re-evaluate and a chance to understand how our brand is perceived in this new world – and to adjust to what was happening in society in general. We found that people needed reasons to be optimistic about the future, but some also felt daunted by how we can get there. 
It all made absolute sense to us. Because for over 80 years, Canon has been a leader. We have anticipated change, driven innovation and exceeded expectations. It’s just what we do – and have always done. But today, of course, the acceleration of technology and speed of change is familiar. And, as a brand that is known and loved the world over, we felt it was important to talk about all the ways that Canon is a part of the new world story and what we are doing for our shared future. So, we have launched a campaign called Inspiring a World of Change, which gives examples of the very real ways in which we are living and breathing our purpose.  It isn’t just a collection of words, but the core principle that drives us. And as you might imagine, we have a lot of stories to tell.

For the future of what’s possible

It’s not news to share that we produce the most advanced optical technologies and imaging products in the world. But did you know that…

  • We’re using microsatellites to capture detailed images of the Earth – showing us new ways to create positive change for our planet.
  • Our innovations in Artificial Intelligence and advanced imaging are helping to make cities all over the world more efficient, safer, cleaner, and smarter.

For the future of the planet

Our corporate philosophy of Kyosei – living and working together for the common good – means that responsible corporate citizenship is core to the way we do business.

  • We design our products – from idea to invention – with sustainability in mind, considering the whole lifecycle and how they can be reused, repaired or recycled.
  • Our engineering capability in materials and advanced manufacturing is helping reduce food waste and revolutionise the way we preserve food on a global scale.
  • We don’t just accept how things are always done. As innovators, we’re closing the loop and reinventing the way we repair, reuse and recycle our products and materials.

For the future of the people

By building partnerships and creating educational programmes, we are dedicated to connecting, inspiring and empowering people at every stage of their journey.

  • We’re fostering creativity, developing skills, and supporting the livelihoods of young people across Africa through the power of visual imaging.
  • Our Young People Programme gives young people the skills, tools and platforms they need to shine a light on the global issues affecting their futures.

Essentially, we’ve turned what we naturally do into a strong brand-focused campaign to support our partnership with Expo 2020 Dubai. It acts as the ‘red thread’ which connects all our activities, both on and off the expo site. Because it was important to us to share these messages across the whole EMEA region, beyond just those who were able to physically attend the event. 

So, with all these incredible stories to share, (and plenty more besides), we are sending out a bold and visionary message. We can say and show, loudly and proudly, that we are…

Inspiring a World of Change



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