Canon Professional Services – Frequently Asked Questions

Canon Professional Services (CPS) is a free service that provides Canon professional photo and video users with information, service and support. Here are the answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about the service, but if you have any queries that aren't dealt with below, get in touch via


Who is the CPS programme for? 

CPS in Europe supports professionals in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with a range of benefits designed to keep them working. Membership is also suitable for advanced users who want faster service and repair times, plus access to exclusive special offers.

What does the CPS programme offer?

The CPS programme offers advanced users of Canon photographic and video products exclusive, free access to a range of benefits. These include access to CPS support teams at major international and local events, a priority repair service and local CPS support in selected European countries. Depending on the level of CPS membership, free backup loans are also available when your kit is being repaired by CPS and the turnaround time can not be met.

In which countries is the CPS programme available? 

The countries that currently offer the European CPS programme are: Austria, Belgium, Croatia (Silver membership only), Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia (Silver membership only), Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan (Silver membership only),  Latvia (Silver membership only), Lithuania (Silver membership only), Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania (Silver membership only), Russia, South Africa, Slovenia (Silver membership only), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey (Silver membership only), Ukraine (Silver membership only), the United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates (Silver membership only).

What does it cost to join CPS? 

Nothing, it’s free to join. You qualify for different membership levels depending on the Canon equipment you own.

How do I qualify for CPS and what are the benefits of each level? 

Qualification happens automatically when you register qualifying Canon camera bodies and lenses, and the benefits differ for each membership level. Visit the CPS homepage for more information.

I have an existing CPS membership number that combines letters and numbers (e.g. UK013795RS), but I can't log in. What do I do? 

Unfortunately, in April 2010 your account expired and is now invalid. You need to apply for a new CPS membership and re-register your equipment. Once you have done this, you will be issued a new numerical CPS number and a valid CPS membership.

What information do I need to register for CPS? 

Registering for CPS is simple. Alongside a valid European, Middle Eastern or African home address and e-mail account, you will be asked for the model (please take care when inputting the exact model name, for example the EF100mm f/2.8 Macro lens is different to the EF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens) and serial number of each piece of qualifying Canon equipment you own. You will also be asked for a purchase date, the country you purchased from and the dealership. If you do not have the exact details for these three fields during registration, please estimate and enter the details as soon as possible. Please remember that if you wish to take advantage of your CPS benefits on these products, you will need to have accurate details and may need to prove you have legitimately purchased each qualifying item. 

How can I find the serial numbers on my Canon equipment? 

On DSLRs the serial number can typically be found on the camera’s underside, stamped on a sticker on the base plate. Lens serial numbers are located in several places, depending on the lens model. For further help in locating serial numbers on Canon products, download this PDF: A guide to locating Canon equipment serial numbers.

When will I receive my CPS membership card? 

Within a few weeks of registering or renewing your CPS account, you will be sent your new CPS membership card. If you haven’t received your new card after four weeks, e-mail CPS at so that Canon can re-issue your new card.

I am trying to enter new equipment details on the CPS page – why is an error message appearing? 

The first thing to check is that you have selected the correct model from the drop-down menu BEFORE entering the serial number. Secondly, make sure you have entered the serial number correctly, with no spaces or extra characters in the serial number field.

Can I register second-hand equipment, and what happens if the previous owner still has it registered to their account? 

Yes, you can register second-hand equipment, the system will allow it even when it has previously been registered with another user. You will be notified if this happens, and you may receive an email from your pro rep, asking you to validate your purchase. If you are having any problems registering equipment, email CPS your account number, along with the model and serial number you are having problems with. The email is:

Does my membership have an expiry date? 

Your membership has no expiry date and renews automatically. We do, however, we encourage you to keep your details and registered products up to date so that you are assigned the correct membership level. Every 1 January, your membership level is recalculated so it is important to make sure you are up to date near the end of each year.

How does qualifying a product for CPS membership work?

To qualify for each level of CPS photo membership you must own certain Canon products. In addition, each product has a qualifying limit – for example, you need two bodies and three lenses to qualify for both Silver and Gold membership. Owning an EOS 5D Mark IV and an EOS 80D along with three pro lenses, for instance, will only qualify you for Silver membership, because the EOS 80D has an upper limit of Silver qualification. The EOS 5D Mark IV qualifies for Platinum membership, so it can be used in a combination of three bodies and four lenses to achieve the highest membership available. CPS Video membership requires ownership of just one Pro Video product. For a full list of qualifying equipment, visit the Qualifying Products page.

Why do some of my products show up as not ‘CPS supported’ in my account? 

Only CPS supported products contribute towards your CPS membership level. Unfortunately, Canon is not able to repair some of its older and discontinued models within the CPS stated turnaround due to the difficulty in sourcing parts. Be aware that from time to time items will be removed from the CPS supported list; this may affect your CPS membership. However, you can still associate these products with your accounts and they may be repairable under non-CPS service turnaround times – speak to your local repair centre for further details. We recommend you regularly update your account and register all of your products, as most are repairable.

When will CPS become available in other countries? 

The CPS network in Europe, the Middle East and Africa is already extensive. However, Canon is constantly looking at ways of expanding the CPS service to other countries. If you have any recommendations on how Canon can improve CPS, email

I do not have enough qualifying equipment for CPS. Can I still become a member? 

You can open a CPS account without any product and gradually add products to the account as you buy them. When your purchases reach the threshold for Silver membership, you will automatically qualify and become a member, unlocking your benefits.

I am a member of CPS in another country outside of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Do I qualify for all the benefits of the European CPS programme? 

At present, Canon Professional Services is run on a regional basis and qualifying criteria and benefits are different between regions. However, members from outside Europe can achieve priority service from Canon Service facilities and at international events, where CPS is present, on production of a valid CPS membership card. The level of priority may not be the same as those offered in your home location. If you wish to take advantage of European CPS benefits and you have an official address in one of the included countries, you will need to register again.

I am a European CPS member. What service can I expect outside Europe, the Middle East and Africa? 

On production of your valid CPS card you should receive priority service, but this may not be in line with the level of benefits offered in Europe.

Can I register products I have bought outside Europe, the Middle East and Africa? 

We understand that photography and videography professionals often travel and purchase products outside of the region. Therefore, you can register these products as normal and still enjoy the benefits of CPS. Some products purchased from an unauthorised Canon dealer may have been imported to be sold at a lower price, so be aware of the limitations of buying such products. Also be aware that in the event of repairs under warranty, a proof of purchase will be required, and if this can not be given the product will not be eligible to benefit from local Canon warranty support. Find out more information on Parallel Imports page.

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