Canon Speedlite 90EX

Speedlite 90EX

A compact, high performance flash that delivers superbly lit everyday shots such as portraits and indoor scenes plus creative lighting effects. The ideal companion for the EOS M.


  • Slim, pocketable design
  • Shoot superbly lit portraits and indoor scenes
  • High power in a compact body
  • Explore creative lighting effects
  • Quick, discreet and fully automatic flash shooting
  • Powered by readily available AAA batteries

Detailed Features

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Slim, pocketable design – ideal for the EOS M

The compact flash of choice for the EOS M users, the Canon Speedlite 90EX weighs just 50g (without batteries) and its space-saving design means it will fit into even the smallest of kit bags.

Shoot superbly lit portraits and indoor scenes

Ideal for shooting with ultra wide-angle lenses, the Speedlite 90EX delivers exactly the right illumination for great portraits as well as superb indoor and group shots.

High power in a compact body

Despite its diminutive size, the Speedlite 90EX has plenty of power and with a maximum guide number of 9 (m, ISO100) it’s ideal for illuminating dark and night time scenes such as a party or an evening barbeque. It’s also perfect as a fill-in flash for subjects shot outdoors with the sun behind you.

Explore creative lighting effects

The Speedlite 90EX opens up countless creative lighting opportunities, thanks to its built-in Wireless master function. As a master flash unit it can wirelessly trigger up to three groups of other flashes, which have a built-in slave function such as the Speedlite 270EX II, from up to 7 meters away indoors.

Quick, discreet and fully automatic flash shooting

When you want to take continuous shots quickly and discreetly the Speedlite 90EX is always ready for action. Power recycling is silent and fast - it takes only 5.5 seconds before its ready for the next shot. It’s also compatible with the autoflash metering systems found in the EOS M and other EOS DSLR cameras, ensuring fully automatic accurate flash exposure in all situations.

Powered by readily available AAA batteries

To keep the size and weight of the working flash unit down to a minimum and for maximum convenience the Speedlite 90EX is powered by two readily available AAA/LR03 batteries (either Ni-MH or lithium).

Product Specification

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