In this climb we used trained professionals and safety equipment with the permission of the owners of the property, please do not attempt to copy or recreate anything from the climb.

Urban climbers, Vadim and Vitaliy, are two friends from Russia who spend their lives exploring the world’s most fascinating cities. Looking beyond familiar sights, they search for unique and spectacular vistas that can only be captured from the tallest buildings.

Ignoring fear, chasing adrenaline and pursuing outstanding photos means the pair have made headlines around the world climbing some of the world’s most recognisable structures. These modern explorers are committed to seeking out and capturing striking images from breathtaking angles.

Like other Canon adventurers, they follow their passions, revealing their unique perspectives on the places they uncover.

We can also help you capture remarkable photos and movies. Read on and make the most of our inspiring tips and techniques and discover how to see the world from a different angle. Then step out and discover the hidden magic of a city near you. We’ll help you capture it from your own unique point of view and share stories which will connect with people in all corners of the world. Come and see.


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