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Often we take most of our photographs when we are traveling especially abroad. However the term ‘travel photography’ is probably a misnomer as you can take all types of photography (wildlife, cityscape, landscape, action) when you travel. So let us help guide you in choosing the right lens.

In this context we are talking about a good all round lens that will help you capture images in most circumstances. You are most likely going abroad to experience different cultures and want to cover a few different styles of photography such as landscape and portrait. A lightweight, varied and versatile lens or two is probably what you need to cope with most situations.

Don't Compromise

All great photography is a combination of skill and luck matched with speed and precision; where accuracy and every second often counts in capturing that perfect shot.

Compatibility: EOS cameras and EF lenses work together for the very best results. EF lens mounts connect the lenses electronically enabling highly accurate real time data transfer. Only genuine Canon lenses on Canon cameras gives you optimum performance in both speed of autofocus and image quality.

Reliability: Canon lenses are built with outstanding optics that keep colours accurate and contrast high for best in colour reproduction and highly detailed images. The specially developed coating on Canon lenses resists smudging and reduces lens flair when shooting in bright sunlight.

The EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM allows you to shoot panoramic landscapes but also get those more intimate city images without changing lenses. It is the professional’s standard zoom lens that offers outstanding image quality and a fast f/2.8 aperture. It delivers superb image quality due to aspherical lens elements, ultra-low dispersion (UD) and superb UD glass. Weather sealing protects against dust and moisture in any environment.

This L-series lens has a reputation among professional photographers as being the go-to zoom lens, thanks to its sharp optics. Not just great for Travel but for Portrait, Landscape and photojournalism too.

“The EF 24-70mm f2.8 L II USM; a wonderfully versatile lens that I’d never venture forth without.”

David Noton, Canon Explorer

If a wide angle lens is important to you, especially when taking shots up close of iconic building or views, then consider the EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM.

You can capture stunning landscapes and architectural images with this compact and lightweight, high-performance, ultra wide-angle zoom lens. Its constant f/2.8 maximum aperture gives the highest image quality possible even in low light conditions making it the ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts.


The EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM is often favoured by those wanting to travel light. The sister lens to EF 24-70mm but with a longer zoom range, it delivers stunning image quality with advanced image stabilisation. Great for portraits and landscapes, especially when you only want to take a single lens out with you.

Smooth near-silent focusing when shooting movies gives footage a professional look and feel. High quality optics deliver superb image quality right across the frame.

EOS_5D_Mark_IV_CINC _waterfall

Travel photography tips

Tell a story: Remember the story starts at home, with packing your suitcases. Recording out of the taxi window as you speed towards your villa can make your more images more interesting and tell the story of the locations you have visited. 

Different angles: Use a mixture of portrait and landscape styles to create interesting images and don’t forget you can hold the camera above your head or low to the ground as well. 

Fill the frame: Think about what’s important and interesting and make sure you fill the frame with it. 

Final shot: Find a fitting close to your images such as the sunset over your favourite beach or in the taxi back to the airport will help to finish the story.

A Winning Combination

The EOS 77D or the full frame EOS 5D Mk IV enables you to explore your creativity and new ways of shooting whatever the environment throws at you. The EOS 77D’s extra dials and buttons allows you to change your settings faster to keep pace with your surroundings. Whether your shooting stunning scenery or that late night traditional dance, all the settings and functions are at your fingertips, and with continuous shooting of up to 6fps means even the most fleeting moment won’t be missed.

Combined with the lightweight, go-anywhere design of the EF 24-70mm or EF 24-105mm lenses – they make the perfect travel companion.


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