Standard Lens

Canon RF 50mm F1.8 STM Specifications


  • STM Motor

    Smooth, fast, near silent autofocus

  • Wide f/1.8 aperture

    Great for low light and stunning bokeh

  • Aspheric lens element

    Superior sharpness from centre to edge

  • RF mount

    Compact design with better performance

  • Super Spectra Coating

    Improves image quality and colour rendering

  • Creativity at lower cost

    Natural perspective and affordable

Specifications in detail

Optical Features / Specifications


Physical Specifications

  1. Center pinch type, bundled with lens
  2. Not bundled, available as optional accessory separately
  3. Not bundled, available as optional accessory separately
  4. Bundled with lens
  5. Only 1 filter should be used at any given time. The Canon close-up lenses 250D / 500D and the Canon circular polarizing filter PL-C B are not compatible.
For best results it is recommended using Canon camera applications (Digital Photo Professional) to process RAW images shot with this lens. When using a PC please download the latest Digital Photo Professional and Picture Style Editor from the Canon website.