Canon launches the XEED 4K600Z standard throw 4K LASER projector

A shot of the new XEED 4K600Z showing its front, top and right side.
The XEED 4K600Z may be compact, but it's incredibly powerful – with a resolution of 4096x2400px it provides greater than 4K projection resolution.

The XEED 4K600Z is the latest addition to the Canon XEED projector range, offering a new model in the lineup of the world’s smallest 4K projectors.

And, with its long throw range and DICOM SIM built in, it's well suited to a range of uses from museums to simulation, design and CAD, higher education and even medical (it can’t, however, be used for diagnostic purposes because it’s a simulation).

Standard throw lens

The XEED 4K600Z features a standard throw lens with a throw ratio of 1.3-2.3:1. This makes it ideal for installations requiring 40”-600” screens with a projection distance of 1.2-30.9m. This compares to the 4K600STZ with its throw ratio of 1.0-1.3:1 for projection distances of 0.9-17.7m, giving a choice of two options depending on requirements.

Greater than native 4K resolution

Offering a resolution of 4096x2400px, the 4K600Z provides greater than 4K projection resolution for incredibly detailed renderings. In environments such as flight simulation and driving simulation, it provides a higher level of reality for a more immersive experience. Combined with low latency playback, reduced motion blur (with 60Hz playback) and the ability to project on curved surfaces, the learning experience is more in-depth and effective.

LASER Phosphor

Using a combination of LASER diode and yellow phosphor, the 600Z offers a long lifetime with high reliability and exceptional colour reproduction. The Blue LASER diode combined with phosphor technology of the reflective fluorescent wheel and Canon’s unique, highly efficient compact light source AISYS optical system delivers a brightness rating of up to 6,000 Lumens.

Unlike with a high-pressure mercury lamp, that element is not used, meaning the 4K600Z is a more environmentally friendly solution too.

Being a LASER light source, it can be run 24/7 and offers a lower total cost of ownership than other lamp light sources because it is near maintenance free. It can also be mounted to project in portrait orientation to suit many digital signage uses, unlike more traditional lamp technologies that must be mounted horizontally.

A shot of the back end of the Canon XEED 4K600Z projector
The new XEED 4K600Z offers a resolution of 4096x2400px, for life-like rendering – perfect for driving or flight simulation environments.

For an even longer service life, there is a long-life mode that reduces the Lumen output but provides up to 40,000hrs of usage. Additionally, a ‘constant light’ mode is provided when using multiple projector units together. The Lumen output will again be reduced, but it will remain constant throughout the product’s lifetime. When multiple projectors are blended together, this ensures they remain matched in brightness for the duration of the installation.

When greater than 6000 Lumens of brightness is required, multiple units can be stacked to project the same scene, thereby providing up to 24,000 Lumens of brightness for public viewings and other large screen projections.

Red-Line lens

Like Canon’s L-Series lenses for photography and film, the 600Z features a lens marked with a red line to denote high quality. These lenses feature the best of Canon’s optical technology to ensure exceptional resolution and colour reproduction. Incorporating a UD, or Ultra-low Dispersion lens element, it effectively reduces chromatic aberration, both axially and in transverse orientations.

The zoom lens features an aperture range of f/2.6-f/2.75, making it possible to achieve sharp focus all the way to the edges of the image with no distortion and a deep depth of field to cope with domed projection screens. There’s also minimal brightness loss as you zoom the lens from the wide to telephoto settings.

A marginal focus function is also provided for projecting on to domed surfaces, allowing both the centre of the image and the edge of the image to be kept in sharp focus.

These technologies allow projections up to 600 inches without loss of image quality.

The projector's lens has an aperture range of f/2.6-f/2.75, offering pin-sharp focus from the centre to the edge of the projected image, and a unique marginal focus feature to cope with domed projection screens.

Digital Signage and Creative

With a built-in real-time clock, the 4K600Z can be scheduled for display for up to a year. It can be turned on and off, select different inputs, change the lens position and carry out calibration automatically, thereby drastically reducing the management time and, crucially, ownership cost.

Seamless multi projection

When using four units, multiple 4K600Z projector images can be blended to provide a seamless result with resolutions up to 8K. Built-in edge blending makes setup simple and ensures accurate projection with no ghosting or double imaging.

A bird's eye shot of the top of the XEED 4K600Z projector
Because this has a LASER light source, the 4K600Z can happily run 24/7 and, due to the fact it uses a LASER diode and yellow phosphor, it is reliable with brilliant colour reproduction.


Two models of the XEED 4K600Z are available – one with WiFi and one without. The model without WiFi is provided for security environments where WiFi connectivity presents a security risk.

Canon Service Tool for projectors

The Service Tool is a free smartphone or tablet app for the XEED 4K600Z and 600STZ projectors that allows full management of the projector, including error reporting. With the app, when controlling the projector, the menu does not appear on the projector screen but instead on the app screen so changes can be made without disrupting the projector display. It also aids setup when projecting on unusual shaped surfaces, where viewing the menu can be a challenge.

Using the app, multiple projectors can be setup very quickly by saving the settings from the first setup unit and sending them to up to eight other units.

The app can also be used to show error reporting with a simple description of the problem and solution. It is far easier and more accurate than relying on a series of flashing lights to try to identify an issue.

Click here to download the app.


  • Video Element 0.76”LCOS x3
  • Brightness Std/Quiet-1/Quiet-2 6,000/4,560/2,400 Lumen
  • Native Resolution 4096x2400
  • Light Source Blue LASER diode & Yellow Phosphor
  • Contrast ratio 4000:1 (10,000:1 Dynamic Contrast)
  • Projection Ratio 1.34-2.35:1
  • Projection dist for 100 type 2.9-5.2m
  • Projection dist 1.2-30.9m
  • Zoom ratio 1.76x motorised
  • F/no f/2.6-f/2.75
  • Lens shift V: ±60% H: ±10%
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 559x201x624
  • Weight 26Kg
  • Noise Level 37/32/29dB
  • Operating temp 0°C–45°C
  • Video interface DVI-D x 4 / HDMI 2.0** x 2 (HDCP2.2) ** 4K60P, HDR, BT2020, DeepColour
  • WiFi Yes (also available without)

Check out the XEED 4K600Z product page for more information about the projector.

Written by David Newton

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