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Canon KJ13x6B KRS

Affordable 2/3” portable wide angle lens with excellent focal range, optical performance, and handling.


  • Focal range 6~78mm

  • MOD 0.4M (10mm with Macro)

  • Advanced Servo System

  • Shuttle shot technology

  • Ecological, ergonomic design

Detailed Features

  • Wide-angle portable ENG lens

    The KJ13x6B KRS and the HDgc line of lens have been specifically designed for low cost tapeless HD camcorders and this lens is particularly well suited to HD Reality TV, newsgathering and other low budget HD productions.The KJ13x6B KRS is an excellent multipurpose HD lens offering focal lengths up to 7mm and a wide-angle of almost 77.3 degrees horizontal. Combined with an exceptionally high sensitivity (F1.8 maximum aperture) this lens offers excellent operational capabilities at a very affordable price in a compact package weighing 1.59kg.The lens has high MTF over the entire image plane, minimization of chromatic aberrations, and maximization of image contrast. Relative light distribution is optimized for the more open aperture settings and uniformity of brightness across the image plane combined with the high contrast and excellent picture sharpness produces vividly clear HD pictures. Contrast is extended – flare, veiling glare, and any internal reflections have been substantially reduced. It has tight control of the geometric distortion at wide-angle settings and spectral transmittance characteristic adheres to HDTV colorimetric standards.

  • Optical Technologies

    Newly developed optical materials combined with the very latest lens element design innovations and multilayer coatings - that produce an unsurpassed pristine imaging system for the most discerning production team.

  • Internal Focus

    A Canon design innovation that uses a floating optical system to better control chromatic aberrations.

  • Control Technologies

    Enhanced servo system called Shuttle Shot that adds value-added creativity to handheld acquisition systems.

  • Advanced Drive technology

    Encompasses servo control that allows the operator to precisely zoom between tow pre-programmed zoom positions. Maximum Zoom speed is 1.2 seconds over entire range.

  • Mechanical Technologies

    Ergonomic mechanical design with a compact drive unit that is mounted to the lens at a 12.5 degree angle for comfort and balance. Aluminum alloy body for light weight and exceptional durability.

  • Ecological Design

    All contemporary Canon lenses avoid the use of materials and substances potentially harmful to the environment. Lead has been removed from all optics and other identified substances from all components comprising the composite lens system.

Canon KJ13x6B KRS
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