Lens flexibility with the RF mount

Featuring the RF mount, the EOS R5 C is compatible with an extensive range of optics including cutting-edge RF lenses, as well as EF or Cinema lenses via the EF-EOS R mount adapters. Advanced 5-axis electronic IS helps to achieve smooth and stable professional footage.
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RF mount technology

The RF mount enables new lens design opportunities, where large apertures, high resolving optics and cutting-edge performance are combined to create unique lenses for filmmakers and photographers. The 12-pin RF mount expands the bandwidth of communication between the lens and the camera, bringing an enhanced level of autofocus, image stabilisation and customisable control, that make RF lenses an ideal choice for video capture.

Adapt and create with EF-EOS R mount adapters

The RF mount remains compatible with Canon EF Cinema and photo lenses, thanks to a selection of Canon EF-EOS R mount adapters. When shooting video, achieve superb shallow depth of field in brightly lit environments, through using the Canon drop-in filter mount adapter with a variable ND.

The perfect companion for VR

Fully compatible with Canon’s RF 5.2mm F2.8L Dual Fisheye lens, the EOS R5 C is an ideal solution for creating immersive 180° VR content, thanks to its 8K full-frame sensor and long duration recording. This single lens, camera and workflow solution developed by Canon, makes it simple and efficient to create VR content with extraordinary clarity.

Advanced electronic image stabilisation

The EOS R5 C features the same sophisticated 5-axis Electronic IS system found in professional Cinema EOS cameras such as the EOS C500 Mark II, EOS C300 Mark III and EOS C70. This advanced technology works in conjunction with the optical IS found in compatible lenses, to produce stable and smooth footage. In addition, electronic IS is also available when using non-stabilised lenses such as Cinema primes and zooms.

Anamorphic lens compatibility

The EOS R5 C supports anamorphic lenses via third-party mount adapters. Through 2x, 1.8x and 1.3x de-squeeze support via the LCD screen and HDMI output, the EOS R5 C offers greater lens support and flexibility, to capture creative cinematography.


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