Extensive professional recording formats and tools

Choose from a wide range of recording formats including three Cinema RAW Light options, as well as XF-AVC and MP4. Capture extended dynamic range with Canon Log 3, PQ and HLG recording, while utilising professional tools such as Waveform Monitor and False Colour.

Versatile internal recording formats

The EOS R5 C features 12-bit internal RAW video recording with Cinema RAW Light up to 2.6Gbps. There are three Cinema RAW Light options available in the EOS R5 C, these are LT (Light), ST (Standard) and HQ (High Quality), providing greater workflow flexibility for your production needs.

A wealth of additional professional recording options are also available including, 4:2:2 10-bit formats such as Canon’s reliable XF-AVC in ALL-I or Long GOP up to 810Mbps, HEVC MP4 up to 540Mbps and 4:2:0 8-bit H.264 MP4 up to 150Mbps.

In addition to this, there are options to crop the sensor from 8K Full Frame to 5.9K Super 35mm and 3K Super 16mm formats, for compatible optical lenses and reduced data rates.


Exceptional dynamic range

PQ and HLG internal recording formats as well as Canon Log 3 are available in the EOS R5 C to achieve exceptional dynamic range, retaining detail in both the shadows and highlights. Both PQ and HLG deliver content in HDR-ready formats, for film and television, in BT.2020 colour space, while Canon Log 3 provides the creative flexibility to grade the footage in post-production.


Dual media cards and simultaneous recording

Dual media card slots (1x CFexpress Type B / 1x UHS-II SD) allow for sophisticated simultaneous recording options where different formats, resolutions and bit depths can be recorded to each card, to support a variety of professional workflows. Traditional 4:2:0 8-bit proxies and relay / double slot recording are also available.


External 8K RAW recording via HDMI

The EOS R5 C is capable of outputting RAW over HDMI to compatible Atomos recorders such as the NINJA V+ for 10-bit 8K ProRes RAW recording up to 30fps. XF-AVC proxies can also be simultaneously recorded to the SD card for efficient post-production workflows.


Professional filmmaking tools

The EOS R5 C features an extensive range of professional filmmaking tools such as a Waveform Monitor for analysing the brightness of an image from left to right, and False Colour for visually representing exposure based on a colour scale. Additional functions include true 24p DCI recording, 180-degree shutter angle, Look File support for importing 3D LUTs and timecode in/out.


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