Unlock your creative potential with Canon's printing apps and software

Canon offers a range of printing solutions – for scrapbooking, admin printing, promoting your business, and more. Find out which is right for your next project.
A laptop sits open on a desk with the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint software onscreen, Canon paper to the left and a Canon printer to the right.

Printing can help you achieve so much, from expressing your creativity in exciting new ways to conquering your admin backlog. Canon offer a range of printing apps and software, each helping you get the best out of your Canon printer, whether that's for important work documents, arts and papercraft or for bringing your precious photographs to life.

But not every app is right for every purpose or compatible with every printer, so how do you know which one to use? To help you decide which Canon application is best for your needs, we've put together this handy guide, to take you through a range of printing tasks and the apps and software that can help make them quicker, easier and more creative.

Perfect photo printing: Canon PRINT

A tablet with the Canon PRINT app open sits on top of a Canon printer with a photo coming out, other photos scattered beside it on a desk.

The Canon PRINT app isn't just for wireless printing – it can also be used for copying and scanning. Scans can be sent directly to your smartphone to use or share as you like.

Compatible printers: Canon PIXMA and MAXIFY models

Compatible devices: iOS and Android

The best way to display an incredible photo is with an equally beautiful print. Likewise, printing poorly can undo all the hard work and creativity you've put into your shots, so it's important to get it right when you're turning your photography collection into a physical portfolio. When printing photos from your smartphone, the Canon PRINT app is the perfect tool to turn digital pictures into beautiful artworks. You can even use the app to check your printer's status and ink levels and ensure your prints come out perfectly every time.

Getting crafty: Canon Creative Park

A hand holds a smartphone with the Creative Park app open next to a selection of papers and templates for crafts.

Canon Creative Park is the ideal place for anyone who likes to make things themselves. Whether you're creating birthday party decorations, making Christmas cards by hand or just looking for something to do with the family on a rainy day, the app has plenty of designs to choose from.

Compatible printers: Supported Canon Inkjet models

Compatible devices: iOS and Android

When it comes to crafting, the only real limit is your imagination, but it helps to have a wide bank of resources at your disposal for ideas and to print out templates or designs. The Canon Creative Park app is a hub for anyone who loves papercraft, on their own or with the family. Easy to navigate and search, it features more than 4,000 free-to-use templates and designs, from cards through to origami models. Better yet, you can edit and customise designs and print them instantly from your Canon printer.

Shouting about your business: Canon PosterArtist

A poster for a business called Maria's Cakes is pinned to a wall, the company logo in the centre and photos of cakes surrounding it.

Whatever your business does, you want it to stand out from the competition. Canon PosterArtist gives you access to hundreds of professionally designed templates that you can edit with your own words and images.

Compatible printers: Canon MegaTank, MAXIFY and PIXMA models

Compatible devices: macOS and Windows computers

While the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app can help you get the smaller admin tasks under control, for promoting your business or yourself, you'll want to use Canon PosterArtist. The web application gives you access to thousands of stock photos and design ideas to help you stand out.

Print posters, banners and flyers to catch the eye of new customers, or signage to show off your latest offers. Use the intuitive editing tools to customise the templates and create designs that reflect your business and your personality. You can even generate QR codes – ideal for giving potential customers an easy way to find out more about your services.

Collages, scrapbooks and calendars: Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor

A woman holding a page from a calendar in front of a Canon printer, with Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor open on a laptop beside her.

The Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor software has been designed with the whole family in mind. The Calendar option enables you to design your own calendar, to display family photos year-round or present as a personalised gift to a loved one.

Compatible printers: Supported Canon PIXMA and large format models

Compatible devices: iOS and Android; macOS and Windows computers

Put all your memories with loved ones in one place by creating a collage or scrapbook of photos using the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor on your smart devices and computers.

With its layout editor and range of templates, you can use Easy-PhotoPrint Editor to design printable collages, or print stickers to go straight into your scrapbook or on to the back of your phone case. You can also use the app to create calendars with your favourite photos.

This app doesn't have 'Easy' in the name for nothing – Easy-PhotoPrint Editor is simple and straightforward to use, so you can focus on designing and printing your cherished memories.

Banishing admin: Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor

A screenshot from the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app showing options for templates, including business cards, ID photos, scrapbooks and collages.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor offers various options available to help bring your projects to life, from business cards and ID photos to scrapbooks and collages.

A woman using the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint editor app on her phone while seated on a sofa next to a smiling infant.

You can choose images and documents straight from your device, or from cloud storage or social accounts, then simply edit, personalise and print.

If your to-do list is looking a little cluttered, the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app can help you save time and effort by speeding up admin printing with its range of templates. If you've just kicked off a new start-up, use the business cards template to help get your name out there, or the Photo ID template to sort out your staff badges. Arranging storage? You can also use the Easy-PhotoPrint Editor's disc label templates to help organise your physical media.

Simplifying workflow: Canon Easy-Layout Editor

A screenshot of Canon Easy-Layout Editor, with a box on the left to drop files into and options including Collect and print, Free Layout and Tiling/Poster on the right.

Canon Easy-Layout Editor is a quick and easy way to gather different types of documents in one place, allowing you to combine files such as PDFs and images onto a single page.

A screenshot of Canon Easy-Layout Editor showing an image of a dog divided into four in the Tiling/Poster option.

Canon Easy-Layout Editor also features a handy Tiling/Poster option, which enables you to divide a picture into multiple sheets and print as one large image.

Compatible printers: Canon Inkjet models

Compatible devices: Windows computers

Whether you're creating handouts for the big presentation at work, or you just need your physical documentation organised properly, the Canon Easy-Layout Editor software for Windows computers lets you arrange PDFs, word documents, images and web pages quickly and easily, so you don't need to print from multiple apps.

By allowing you to collate and organise a range of file and document types, the Easy-Layout Editor helps you save paper and time by putting everything important in one place.

Having fun with mini pics: Canon SELPHY Photo Layout

A phone displaying the Canon SELPHY Photo Layout app on a desk next to a Canon SELPHY Square QX10 portable printer and a beaded phone charm.

Fast, intuitive and easy to use, the Canon SELPHY Photo Layout app perfectly complements Canon SELPHY printers, such as the SELPHY Square QX10. Print your smartphone photos straight from the app, enabling image optimisation as you go for perfectly balanced prints.

A screen within the Canon SELPHY Photo Layout app, with a photo of a dog on the right and options for different print finishes on the left.

The app includes a range of finishes and overcoats so you can customise your images to achieve the look you want.

Compatible printers: Canon SELPHY CP1500, SELPHY CP1300 and SELPHY Square QX10

Compatible devices: iOS and Android

If you use one of Canon's SELPHY printers, the Canon SELPHY Photo Layout app for iOS and Android is ideal for editing and having fun with your photos. It gives you numerous templates to choose from, allowing you to lay out and print single or multiple images in one go – there's even a vertical bookmark layout, so you can make your own bookmarks1.

The app also allows you to customise your images with text, borders and stamps to make your photos truly unique. You can choose the finish of your prints, to tailor the look and feel of the final product, and print stickers for scrapbooking or customising your tech.

The SELPHY Photo Layout app also lets you add QR codes1, which can be used to link to a webpage, online albums or videos. This is ideal when gifting images to friends and family, as you can surprise them with a whole bank of your favourite memories. As you'd expect, the SELPHY Photo Layout app is intuitive to use, and offers a quick and seamless way to print directly from your smartphone to a SELPHY printer.

Adding a personal touch: Canon Mini Print

A pair of hands holds a smartphone and a Canon Zoemini 2 printer, using the Canon Mini Print app to create a collage.

The Canon Mini Print app allows you to utilise the full portability of your Canon Zoemini 2 or Canon Zoemini S2. Edit images quickly on the go, whether you took them on your smartphone or the Canon Zoemini S2, and print directly from the app to gift to friends and family.

Compatible printers: Canon Zoemini models

Compatible devices: iOS and Android

If you own any of the Canon Zoemini models, it's likely you'll want to personalise your instant photos. Using the Canon Mini Print app, you can express your creativity by adding seasonal stickers, frames, filters and text to your images of family, friends and adventures – ideal finishing touches before printing your sticker photos. For keen scrapbookers, the Canon Mini Print app also allows you to unleash your individuality and bring your snaps to life with doodles and notes.

The Mini Print app connects seamlessly to your camera roll and can also be linked to your social media and cloud storage accounts, allowing you to edit, personalise and print your smartphone and camera pictures too. The app can also be used to take photos using live effects and augmented reality – for selfies as unique as you are.

Written by Peter Wolinski and Claire Gillo

macOS is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries and regions.

  1. Feature not available for all printers. Refer to feature compatibility table.

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