Two hands holding a phone with a picture of a family with stamps applied in SELPHY Photo Layout app. Another hand is visible in the top right corner pointing at the phone.


Personalise and print photo collages directly from your smartphone on your compact photo printer.


Bring photos to life, your way

SELPHY Photo Layout is a fast, easy way to create and print beautiful, customised photos, stickers and bookmarks direct from your phone. Choose from a wide range of layouts and finishes.


From simplifying setup to opening up a world of creative printing possibilities, the SELPHY Photo Layout app is packed with useful features.

  • A person holding a phone with the picture of two people on it. SELPHY printer in the background with the same picture being printed.


    Seamless, direct printing

    Create, customise and print from a single mobile app1

  • A tablet with a picture of a couple in SELPHY Photo Layout app with a QR code in the bottom right of the picture. SELPHY CP1500 in pink in the background with the same picture printed out.


    Add QR codes to prints

    Give prints a link to online albums, videos and more1

  • White SELPHY printer with a picture of jean trousers with daisies being printed. A phone showing a daisy print on the screen and a picture of different images of daisies in the corner.


    Pick the perfect layout

    Choose from a range of single and multi-photo templates

  • A square print stuck in a scrapbook with a picture of sunset at the beach with a silhouette of two people and a flower frame applied. Next to it a small square image of two holding hands.


    Customise the look

    Add text, borders and stamps to personalise your prints

  • A hand holding a phone scanning a QR code from the pink SELPHY CP1500 printer LCD screen. SELPHY paper packaging is visible in the right corner.


    Easy QR code connection1

    Scan your printer’s QR code for instant Wi-Fi connection

  • A page from a notebook or a diary with dates and four mini stickers with pictures and descriptions of: boy’s birthday party, breakfast on a plate, blue sky and a cityscape.


    Create instant stickers

    Make colourful labels with SELPHY sticker paper

  • Two screengrabs from the app. One showing Print Finishes and overcoats options. The other showing a picture of a dog with paw prints overcoat applied.


    Choose your finish

    Three new finish options1 added to six overcoat options

  • Screengrabs from the app. One of the Bookmark layout option, and the other with 8 small pictures of different animals in the bookmark layout.


    Make your mark

    The Bookmark layout creates two lengthwise prints1

Print direct from the app1

The SELPHY Photo Layout app is your one-stop shop for creating custom prints. Edit layouts and finishes, then print straight from the app.

White SELPHY Square QX10 printing a picture of a white house with blue wooden window shutters. A hand is holding the edge of the photo. Phone is next to it showing the same picture. Some other printed pictures are scattered on the table.
A person holding a phone with stamps available on SELPHY Photo Layout app showing on it. One hand is tapping on the screen. In the background we can see white SELPHY Square QX10 on a table.

Endless creative possibilities

With a wide range of layouts, stamps and borders and the ability to choose the finish of your photos1, you’re the creative director.

QR code printing

Expand your print’s scope with a QR code, creating a link for viewers to scan and instantly be taken to an online album, video or web page.1

A tablet with a picture of a couple in SELPHY Photo Layout app with a QR code in the bottom right of the picture. SELPHY CP1500 in pink in the background with the same picture printed out.

Free to download

The SELPHY Photo Layout app is available for free download via the Apple App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.

Compatibility information

This app is currently compatible with SELPHY CP1200, SELPHY CP910, SELPHY CP900, SELPHY CP1300, SELPHY Square QX10 and SELPHY CP1500.

Check mobile device compatibility on the relevant app store.


Available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

Supported models \ Features


SELPHY Square QX10

Previous wi-fi-enabled models2

QR code Wi-Fi connection setup

Print directly from the app

Choose Layout

Add Pattern overcoat with/without colour

Add Border

Add Frame

Add Stamps

Add Text

Print URL QR code

Select Print Finish from app

Spool Print (send all images to print)

Select On/Off of Image Optimize from app

Printer Set up Guide in app

Guide to online Printer Manual

Printer Firmware Update via app

  1. Feature not available for all printers. Refer to feature compatibility table.
  2. Print via Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app

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