The best home printers for hybrid workers

Discover the best Canon printer for your home office, to suit your exact needs and budget.
A woman sits at a desk using a highlighter on a printout. Next to her is a Canon MAXIFY printer, and a garden can be seen through the large window in front of her.

Times change. More people than ever are doing some or most of their work from home, going into the office only when it's really necessary. Jamie Watson is a prime example. A strategy director at an advertising agency in Bristol, he works with clients, a research team and a creative concept team, and he has transformed his dining room into a home office.

"When I have loads of work to do, working from home is quite a good way to get away from the distractions of the office," he says. "You can manage your time a little better and it's just a bit less rigid than traditional working hours. Obviously, you don't have to commute either, so you can get a bit more work done in a day. I'm quite into cycling, so I can go for a bike ride without having to factor in the time to commute to the office, or vice versa."

Jamie discovered very early on that a reliable printer was an essential, and decided that the Canon PIXMA TR4650 Series was the ideal home office printer for his specific requirements. However, that's certainly not the only option. Canon's extensive range of PIXMA and MAXIFY printers includes models such as the PIXMA TS7750i, MAXIFY GX1050 and MAXIFY GX2050, perfect home office printers for people who, like Jamie, were previously used to printing in an office environment. As such, these printers are easy to set up and intuitive to use. They're also designed to be fast, efficient and cost-effective, while delivering print quality of a professional standard that your business can depend on.

Here, Jamie shares how his home printer offers him a pathway away from his screen to fully immerse himself in projects he works on at home, and we explore some further benefits of Canon printers for the home office.

A man reaches into the front of a Canon PIXMA printer.

At home, you don't have the benefit of the support staff you might have in the office, so reliability and ease of maintenance are more important than ever. The 4-in-1 Canon PIXMA TR4650 Series printer features 4-colour Hybrid Ink and improved cartridge installation, making changing your cartridge even simpler and easier.

Clarity of mind with print

Jamie's PIXMA TR4650 Series printer helps him step away from his laptop, reduce his screen time and focus on hard copies of documents that are necessary for his work. "I prefer to read client briefs on paper," says Jamie, "to take in more so you don't get distracted by whatever is on your screen like an email or team chat notification. It's easier to focus on what you're reading, highlight it and add questions. I just feel a little bit more engrossed in what I'm doing and what I'm reading.

"When getting survey results back from research agencies with lots of different charts and graphs, I find it easiest to have a few pieces of paper in front of me and compare them, rather than flicking through slides," he adds.

When working at the office, you never really have to worry about the printer set-up and paper and ink levels. At home, it should be no different. A document removal reminder notification, improved front paper tray to make paper loading easier and a faster, straightforward cartridge installation makes this a user-friendly and efficient home printer for professionals like Jamie.

Subscription-based ink services are available for selected Canon printers in selected regions. The Canon Auto-Ink Delivery service gives you one less admin task to worry about, as your printer's ink levels are automatically monitored and replacement cartridges or bottles of ink are delivered to your door before you need them. It's free to sign up to the service and you can cancel any time you want. With the PIXMA Print Plan, you can choose a tailored print plan for you where you pay a fixed monthly price based on your print usage and get ink delivered when you start running low.

A user's hand presses a button on the control panel of a Canon PIXMA printer sitting on am office desk.

Even though they are budget printers, the Canon PIXMA TS7650i and PIXMA TS7750i are particularly versatile. Their pigment black ink ensures crisp looking mono documents that are very smudge-resistant, even when you're using highlighter pens, while their dye-based colour inks deliver high-quality photo prints on glossy photo paper.

Multi-function printers for hybrid working

Like Jamie's Canon PIXMA TR4650 Series, the PIXMA TS7650i is an all-in-one budget printer that's suited to photo printing and crafting as well as producing business documents. Its compact size makes it perfect where space is tight, while next-generation print heads enable fast print speeds of around 15ipm (impressions per minute) for mono and 10ipm for colour documents. It's also the first Canon home printer with marker-resistant black ink, equivalent to that of GX business models, so you can use highlighter pens without any risk of smudging text. It even has a tilting colour touchscreen with alternative interfaces for work, study and lifestyle scenarios. Print quality is excellent, and advanced Wi-Fi printing features enable you to scan directly to a smartphone or tablet. The PIXMA TS7750i adds an auto document feeder for easier scanning or copying of multi-page documents, ideal for the home office.

The Canon MAXIFY GX1050 is a more business-focused all-in-one printer that aims for seamless integration between the home and office. Its customisable colour touchscreen interface gives you the option of assigning complex but often-repeated tasks such as cloud-based printing and scanning to a single tap or two. Thanks to its MegaTank refillable ink tanks, you can expect to get thousands of mono and colour documents from a single set of ink bottles, saving time and money compared with typical cartridge-based home office printers. All the inks are pigment-based and resistant to smudging, for colour as well as mono documents. Like the PIXMA TS7650i, it's fast, with print speeds of around 15ipm for mono and 10ipm for colour, and the MAXIFY GX2050 adds the convenience of an auto document feeder for its scanner, as well as fax capabilities.

A person using a smartphone to print to a Canon home printer.

With the Canon PRINT app, you can operate Wi-Fi enabled Canon printers entirely from your smartphone or tablet, from setting up, printing, copying and scanning to maintenance, checking ink levels and even buying replacement inks. For Jamie, this means he can step away from his laptop entirely when he wants to. "Although you're working remotely," he says, "there are people calling you and messaging you all the time. By stepping away from your laptop, you remove yourself from the distractions. I print something, then read it downstairs in the kitchen and that allows for more focus."

A person writing on a printed slide from a presentation, with a Canon printer on the desk alongside.

Printouts have many benefits – you can spread them out and view several at a time to compare them, annotate them, and take them anywhere. Jamie sometimes starts a task on paper and makes use of his printer's scanning capabilities. "If I'm doing brand strategy projects or I have to draw out a brand framework, I just prefer to draw it out by hand," he says. "I'll then scan that and email it to the rest of the team as a working draft, rather than spending loads of time designing it in presentation software."

Merging pen to paper with digital

Canon printers with Wi-Fi make it easy for you to print, copy and scan from your smartphone or tablet using the Canon PRINT app, and also check printer status and ink levels wherever you are on the Wi-Fi network.

Jamie finds that using the Canon PRINT app has many benefits. "It was very easy to set up the printer, which was the main thing for me because I feel like every printer I've ever had has taken me about five days to actually set up and get working. It just did it itself," he enthuses.

It also features a useful connection to the Easy-Layout Editor, which enables you to rearrange documents such as PDFs and image files onto one page before printing – ideal for the sort of work Jamie does.

A woman places a pile of documents in the document feed on top of a Canon PIXMA printer on the desk beside her.

Space is often tight in a home office, but the PIXMA TS7650i features an internal paper feed cassette to save space, as well as a rear feeder with a handy transparent cover for specialist media and photo paper. The PIXMA TS7750i (shown here) adds an auto document feeder for easy multi-page scanning and copying.

The advantage of Canon apps for hybrid working

With the Canon PRINT app you can scan and print to and from the cloud.1 It's a major advantage for hybrid workers who need to share documents with colleagues at the office or working in other remote locations.

The PIXMA Cloud Link is perfectly suited to small businesses that share and save content on a shared cloud service such as Google Drive™, Dropbox™ or the Evernote® service,2 meaning these files can be accessed to print no matter where you are.

When teams share their designs, Jamie says the act of printing documents and drawings before pinning them on the wall, or having them on display, helps him consider creative ideas as he works.

"When we get creative ideas back from our concept teams, which can be drawings of designs, quite often you just need to get on with a bit of work and almost have it in the back of your mind," he says. "So I quite like having it printed out, as it allows me to mull it over in the background when it's printed and pinned up on my wall or desk. It's a bit easier to refer back to and subconsciously keep thinking about."

Another business benefit for hybrid workers is the free-of-charge Canon PosterArtist. It includes thousands of fully customisable layouts backed up by high-quality artwork for creating flyers, banners and posters. If you're making marketing material in high volumes, it's a highly economical companion to the large ink capacity and low running costs of the MAXIFY GX1050 and other Canon MegaTank printers.

A Canon printer next to a house plant, a phone and some prints.

Jamie is an enthusiastic photographer and loves to head out with his camera – and with his Canon PIXMA TR4650 Series printer, it's possible to create high-quality prints for displaying at home.

A man looks through a selection of photo prints, with a Canon PIXMA printer on his home office desk in the background.

If you need a versatile printer for everyday jobs as well as work, the PIXMA TS7650i and PIXMA TS7750i fit right in. They're packed with features that are easily accessible via their colour touchscreens, and are perfect for a whole range of document, photo and crafting tasks.

Versatility for home printing

The Canon PIXMA and MAXIFY ranges of printers aren't just great for hybrid working, they're also versatile enough for home study, kids' school assignments and family photos. Canon's Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app makes it simple to create a variety of original photo items such as custom-sized prints, calendars and square photo layouts, perfect for personal projects at home as well as work.

As a keen amateur photographer, Jamie uses his PIXMA TR4650 Series to create prints for framing as it's possible to print 4x6-inch borderless photos in seconds. The same applies to the PIXMA TS7650i and PIXMA TS7750i, which also use dye-based colour inks for premium print quality on glossy photo paper.

Ultimately, a printer is an essential when you're working from home. Whether your priority is to find a compact printer to fit in your home office space, a high-speed printer to maximise your productivity, or a cloud-ready printer to seamlessly integrate working from home with the office, there's a Canon printer to meet your needs. Find out more about Canon's printer range for home and small business requirements, and try Canon's online printer selector to find the right printer for your needs.

Written by Lorna Dockerill and Matthew Richards

  1. Scan to cloud and scan to email are only available for genuine Canon ink users.
  2. Google and Google Drive are trademarks of Google LLC and this site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Google in any way. Dropbox is a trademark of Dropbox, Inc. Evernote is a registered trademark of Evernote Corporation and used under licence.

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