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An introduction to social media channels

Please view or download the short guide linked to this article which has been prepared for you by Jacky Hobson, a leading independent marketing practitioner and consultant, as part of a series of self-help documents designed to help you develop and deliver a complete marketing strategy for your business or division.

In this guide Jacky will walk you through several social media channels and how they can be used by your business to improve marketing communication. This guide will act as an introduction to four channels you may be considering.

Not all channels are going to be relevant to your business and it’s important to understand what will work for you and your customer base. Jacky’s helpful overview will assist you in the selection ahead of further channel strategy development.

There are many benefits to understanding how social channels can amplify your marketing communications. Effective channel utilisation enables you to connect, get attention and develop interest, alerting your customers and prospects to what you can offer them.

Jacky is a founding mentor within the Canon Ascent Programme, with an excellent reputation established over many years, helping Canon customers across EMEA to define and achieve their marketing ambitions.

Jacky Hobson (Mentor)
Director, Up Marketing

30 years of marketing experience, developing marketing strategies, plans and tactics to support clients' business plans.

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Jacky Hobson

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