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Document Scanners for modern healthcare

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Document imaging technologies for healthcare providers

Timely and easy access to patient records is a very important factor for successful delivery of medical treatments. Digitisation processes have been introduced in the healthcare sector to facilitate the information flow between organisations and departments. However, these systems rely on high quality data.

As the medical documentation comes in a variety of sizes and formats it is critical to have the correct solutions and devices in place to support you in the process.

Canon Scanners provide the right tools to support you with these critical processes.

Designed for fast, high quality data capture and extraction makes them the ideal choice for busy healthcare environments.

Healthcare scanning solutions

Canon imageFORMULA scanners provide digital imaging solutions for all part of the healthcare organisations.

From busy A&E departments, through GP surgeries all the way to back office and patient’s records archives.

Download our infographics to discover which one of Canon scanners is ideal for you.

Healthcare scanning solutions infographic

Healthcare data challenges

Improving patient data capture - healthcare scanners

Challenge 1:

Improving the process of patient data capture.

Scanning paper documents is the first critical step in your journey towards faster, easier access to accurate patient information, but the task of converting paper documents into digital information can be time consuming and frustrating.

Poor quality scanned images and unreliable hardware can lead to wasted time and effort in repeating this process. It doesn’t have to be this way…

Canon’s award-winning range of document scanners are trusted nationally by healthcare providers to convert their paper documents accurately and reliably into clear electronic copies, getting it right first time, every time.

Our document scanners will help to give you more time to focus on what really matters – delivering exceptional patient care.

Challenge 2:

Document Preparation

Despite the rapid growth of electronic health records many healthcare professionals remain shrouded by a cloud of time-consuming tasks such as document preparation.

Moreover, incorrect document preparation can cause unnecessary bottlenecks and delays when it comes to the task of scanning your paper documents.

Our Instant Staple Remover has been shown to reduce document preparation time by over 60%, and will ensure that none of your documents have torn edges – reducing the risk of paper jams and further delays during the scanning process.

Our Instant Staple Remover will help to give you more time to focus on what really matters – delivering exceptional patient care.

Document Preparation - Instant staple remover
Integration with your software - healthcare scanners

Challenge 3:

Integration with your software

The path to digitisation for healthcare professionals is a tremendous challenge as it requires changes to legacy processes and long-established ways of working.

It is vital that all of your hardware and software works together, delivering a seamless efficient solution.

Canon’s award-winning range of document scanners can integrate with many systems used in todays healthcare environments, such as Cerner, Lorenzo, DocMan, Kofax and numerous other software applications.

Efficient integration will allow you to achieve improved cross-functional collaboration and accessibility to safe, accurate and secure patient records.

Key products and solutions

imageFORMULA DR-C230 - healthcare scanners

The imageFORMULA DR-C230

The Canon DR-C230 scanner is an ideal addition to any hospital department or even a busy GP surgery. It is perfect for ad-hoc scanning of:

- GP and specialist referral letters

- Lab test results

- Prescriptions

- Patient reports

- Nursing and midwifery reports

- ECG printouts

Small in stature but big on performance, the DR-C230 offers consummate reliability and supreme productivity at a very affordable price.

The imageFORMULA DR-S150

The compact Canon DR-S150 scanner offers flexible network and USB connectivity as well as a colour LCD touchscreen for easy, intuitive operation.

It’s flexible connectivity, secure login options and ease of fleet management are exactly why the DR-S150 has been rolled out across different healthcare organisations where large-scale deployments are needed.

From reception to radiology, from HR to A&E the Canon DR-S150 is the perfect scanner to support your organisations’ digital transformation journey.

imageFORMULA DR-S150 - healthcare scanners
imageFORMULA DR-G2110 - healthcare scanners

The imageFORMULA DR-G2110

Optimised for organisations who demand exceptional high-speed productivity, superior image quality and dependable feeding performance this A3 scanner is robust, simple to use and performs quietly.

High productivity is guaranteed thanks to it’s impressive 240 images per minute scanning speed and 500-sheet document feeder.

The Canon DR-G2110 is already used by multiple healthcare organisations for archiving patient records, in busy A&E departments and bulk scanning outpatient documents.

This is the ultimate scanner to help improve clinical efficiency, releasing valuable time to focus on patient care.

All of our imageFORMULA document scanners are available to purchase on multiple public sector frameworks.

Get in touch to talk about the best document scanner to meet your needs.

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