Borneo Orangutans. Could You Save More?

Sustainability is crucial for preserving both our wildlife and our planet. Canon's implementation of intelligent design in all its print products empowers you to take control and minimise your environmental footprint.
Why take a chance? Choose Canon.
Improve workplace sustainability with Canon


Save More Intelligently

As sustainability continues to rise on the business agenda, recent research1 shows that organisations’ sustainability goals are influencing their choice of print supplier. 68% of IT industry leaders say that sustainability will be important to their business strategy by 2025, with Canon being recognised as a top sustainable print manufacturer in Quocirca's Sustainability Leaders Report 20232.

Four Ways Choosing Canon Helps You Save The Planet

Avoid – With Canon’s Print Audit Assessment & Energy Efficient Devices

• Discover Device Inefficiencies: Assess and monitor your print fleet for insights into device age and performance.
• Energy Efficient Devices: Canon devices reduce energy consumption with features like On-Demand Fixing and scanning technology.
Did you know? Canon won the BLI 2023-2025 Most Energy Efficient Laser A4 Brand Award.

Canon’s Print Audit Assessment & Energy Efficient Devices
Canon’s uniFLOW Online & Smart Devices

Reduce – With uniFLOW Online & Smart Devices

• uniFLOW Online: Enhance print and scan job management, ensuring secure access and job deletion for reduced waste.
• Smart Devices: Canon devices optimise paper usage and offer energy-saving modes, duplex printing, and access management.
Did you know? Implementing uniFLOW Online in EMEA offices saved 24% of printed pages.

Digitise – With Smart Software

• Go Digital: Canon simplifies the transition to digital with high-speed scanners, secure scan processing, and document digitisation.
• E-signature Integration: Canon’s solutions support e-signatures for streamlined workflows.
Did you know? Canon is a leader in Digital Transformation Services.

Digitise with Canon smart software
Work professionals using Canon’s carbon Neutral Paper and Climate Project Contribution Services

Compensate – With Carbon Neutral Paper & Climate Project Contribution Service

• Carbon Neutral Paper: Canon offers Carbon Neutral Paper solutions sourced responsibly.
Did you know? Many Climate Project Contribution service projects are ‘Gold Standard’.

More reasons to believe

KeyPoint intelligence performs the most intensive durability testing in the industry, and we’re thrilled they had this to say about our products.

“The durability stats rung up by Canon A3 MFPs in the last five years is astounding, plain and simple.”

Pete Emory, Director of Research & Lab Services US/Asia at Keypoint Intelligence.

“uniFLOW Online’s continued success shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Canon has been continually upgrading and improving the solution, ensuring that customers have access to the latest and greatest output management capabilities available.”

Lee Davis, Associate Director of Software/Scanners at Keypoint Intelligence.

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    Canon’s A3 range has been constantly evolving since 1979. It’s unified firmware platform leaves no doubt that this product is one of the most reliable in the market.

  • uniFLOW Online

    uniFLOW Online was one of the world’s first 100% cloud-based print and scan management platforms that has been reliably operating for six years.

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