Direct Debit
The easy way to pay

Make your to-do list shorter and set up your Direct Debit now. It is a simple, safe and convenient way of paying bills, so why not switch now?
Work professionals making life easier with Canon Direct Debit payments.


Your life made easier

We all have a very long to-do list to tick off every day. For this reason, we would like to introduce Direct Debit as the preferred method of making payment for the products and services you buy from Canon.

What are the benefits?

Canon wants to support you not just with technologies and solutions but also with your daily activities. Here are some reasons why we suggest Direct Debit for your business:

  • More time to Pay

    Payments terms are extended from standard 30 days to 45.

  • Easy and flexible

    It can be easily set up anytime and gives you freedom if you ever change your mind.

  • Safe and secure

    Your payments are safely processed and protected by the Direct Debit Gurantee.

  • On time payments

    Automatic payments avoid delays and facilitate the smooth running of orders.

  • Better Cashflow and budget management

    With advance payment notification you can anticipate expenses and plan better your finances.

  • How does it work?

    Direct Debit can be easily set up in a few easy steps.
    Work professional completing Canon's  Direct Debit setup request form

    STEP 1:

    Complete the Direct Debit Setup Request Form.

    STEP 2:

    Once submitted, you will receive the instructions from our Credit Control team.

    Work professionals completing instructions from Canon's Credit Control team
    Work professional who has completed Canon's Direct Debit instruction form

    STEP 3:

    Complete and submit the Direct Debit form sent from our Credit Control team by Adobe Sign.

    STEP 4

    Now you are ready to go.

    Work professional ready to go with Canon Direct Debit

    Are you ready to automate your payments?

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