10 Things to Kick Start your Marketing

How to apply marketing tactics to promote your business

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From marketing planning to action

Developing marketing plans to support success

Please download this webinar, linked to this article which has been prepared for you by Jacky Hobson, a leading independent marketing practitioner and consultant, as part of series of self-help documents designed to help you kick-start your marketing.

In this webinar Jacky will guide you through 10 simple steps to consider when approaching your marketing. Paying attention to how to stay ahead in a changing market.

This webinar will support you in thinking about the long-term objectives for your business. Your business goals will help you to formulate a marketing plan, but the key to success is adapting your thinking to support the diverse challenges of your customers.

Jacky’s focused approach to marketing planning will enable you to implement simple tactics to support your business. Communicating with your customers in uncertain times demonstrates to them that you are a partner to be relied upon.

Jacky is a founding mentor within the Canon Ascent Programme, with an excellent reputation established over many years, helping Canon customers across EMEA to define and achieve their marketing ambitions.

Jacky Hobson (Mentor)
Director, Up Marketing

30 years of marketing experience, developing marketing strategies, plans and tactics to support clients' business plans.

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Jacky Hobson

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