Display, gift, enjoy: get creative with Canon Photo Cube

Say hello to Photo Cube – the perfect way to personalise, store, display and gift your favourite images.
A Canon Photo Cube sitting on a sideboard next to photo frames, a vase and other photo prints.

Whether it's to document our children's milestones, capture that perfect holiday sunset or immortalise an important friendship, many of us are constantly taking photos and creating memories. But often our favourite snaps are either left saved on a camera, memory card, in the cloud, or printed out and lost among household chaos.

Making physical copies of your photos makes them a part of your environment, giving them the attention they deserve and letting you browse through special memories with friends or display them somewhere prominent to make you smile every time you pass them. The Canon Photo Cube is specially designed to keep your images safe and easy to access, offering not just the perfect storage solution, but lots of potential ways to get creative and display your treasured moments, too.

What is Canon Photo Cube?

The Canon Photo Cube is a fun way to store square-shaped photos which appeal across generations – whether they remind you of the retro prints of your youth or more modern social media shots – helping to create a portable photograph album the whole family can enjoy.

The Photo Cube can be displayed anywhere in your home, becoming a part of the decor, or it can be a thoughtful personalised photo gift for someone special. With a number of different packs and options, there's something to suit a range of needs.

The Value Pack

A Canon Photo Cube Value Pack sits next to a pack of paper and ink cartridges.

The Canon Photo Cube measures 14 x 13.9 x 13.5cm, and is designed to store square-shaped 12.7 x 12.7cm photos. It's the perfect size to creatively display photos around your home, whether it's on a bedside table, bookshelf or mantelpiece, and light enough to lift easily and enjoy.

For those looking for inspiration to print their favourite photos and store them in a fun way, the Canon Photo Cube Value Pack comes with an attractive red keepsake box that makes organising and accessing your photos easy, and also acts as a great gift box to share cherished memories with family and friends.

You can buy the Photo Cube Value Pack with black and colour Canon ink cartridges depending on your PIXMA TS printer model (PG-560/CL-561 PIXMA FINE or PG-540/CL-541 PIXMA FINE cartridges), as well as 40 sheets of square-shaped glossy photo paper, so you can start printing and storing your images as soon as you open the box.

The Creative Pack and Frame

A Canon Photo Cube Creative Pack, with its sides decorated with family photos, sits next to a selection of square photo prints.

Making a personalised gift is a great way to show someone that you care, and the Canon Photo Cube offers endless possibilities for making loved ones smile. It could be the perfect anniversary present, decorated with images of family moments, and full of more of your favourite memories together inside.

If you're keen to add even more of a personal touch, the Canon Photo Cube Creative Pack offers the additional potential to decorate the box itself by attaching your favourite square-shaped photos to its six sides. It opens up multiple possibilities for displaying your images around your home or making a gift box that's even more unique.

Similar to the Value Pack, you can choose to include black and colour ink cartridges and 40 sheets of glossy photo paper. There's also the option to add a Photo Cube Frame – an acrylic magnetic photo block that's a contemporary twist on the traditional photo frame. It stands up on its own, so can be positioned anywhere, and you can arrange a different image to be displayed on each side. It's easy to slide in a new photo anytime you feel like changing things up – just select a different image from your Photo Cube and put the old one back in the box for safe keeping.

How to use your Canon Photo Cube

A laptop sits open on a desk with the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint software onscreen, Canon paper to the left and a Canon printer to the right.

Before printing your images, you can get as creative as you want using Canon's apps to add text, frames, patterns or other finishing touches. Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor is a great place to start, and is compatible with PIXMA and MAXIFY printers.

Printed photos lie next to a Canon printer, while a hand holds a phone displaying a photo onscreen.

One idea for making the most of your Canon Photo Cube is to use it as a fun alternative to a traditional holiday album. You can use your favourite photos to decorate the outside of the box and store all your other memories inside to flick through, or share with family and friends.

1. Select the images you'd like to print on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You may decide to use your Canon Photo Cube to store and display holiday photos, use it as an ever-evolving family album, or as a gift for someone's birthday. Think about which images best suit your needs.

2. If you want to add extra creative flourishes or personalisation, use one of Canon's printing apps to add final details to your designs, such as Canon Easy-PhotoPrint Editor to add text, frames or symbols.

3. Your Photo Cube pack comes complete with square glossy photo paper, so feed it into your compatible Canon printer, such as the Canon PIXMA TS5150 Series, and print the final images.

4. If you have the Creative Pack, choose six of your favourite images, or the ones you think will have the most impact, and stick them on the outside of your Photo Cube.

5. Put the remainder of the photos inside the Photo Cube for safe keeping.

6. If you have the Creative Pack with the Photo Cube Frame, select an image and install it into the frame. Remember you can arrange two photos back-to-back so that there's a different image showing on each side.

7. Now you're ready to display your Photo Cube and Frame in your home or gift them to someone special.

Get creative with unique display ideas

A Canon Photo Cube with children's party pictures around the sides sits on a surface next to other photos and trinkets.

Deciding which precious moments of your children's early years to display in frames can be a difficult choice, but the Canon Photo Cube allows you to showcase several at once, as well as providing a place to store more. Kids will enjoy having their own box full of memories that they can pull out and appreciate whenever they want.

A Canon Photo Cube with holiday and travel photos around the top and sides sits on a surface next to a selection of other photographs.

A Photo Cube decorated with and full of holiday photographs is a wonderful way to remember a special trip, and would make a lovely gift for a partner.

There are endless creative ways you can use the Canon Photo Cube as an exciting craft project, either on your own or as a family. A child could decorate it as part of their school homework, showing off their creative skills. It could be part of a mindful exercise, adding mantras to photos with Canon's apps and pulling them out of the box for daily inspiration.

Using it to display and store pictures of memorable moments – parties, weddings, travel adventures and more – means you can relive those experiences and share them with the people around you. Your Photo Cube could take pride of place on a shelf or mantelpiece, or you could position it on a coffee table for guests and family members to explore. It's a great way to start conversations and reminisce.

Create a personalised gift

Two Canon Photo Cubes sit on a red surface, surrounded by other photo prints.

The Canon Photo Cube Frame is a useful optional addition within the Creative Pack, offering even more opportunities to display your images with pride. In an era where most photographs exist solely as saved files or on social media pages, it brings your memories out into your home, and the Photo Cube itself means it's easy to store and swap new photos in whenever you fancy a change.

The Canon Photo Cube makes for a great photo gift idea for a special occasion, letting loved ones know how much you care and giving them something personal that they can treasure.

Canon Creative Park has a number of templates available for inspiration, including options to use as wedding or new baby keepsakes. Maybe a loved one is moving far away and you want to share your favourite memories, or your teenager is heading off to university and a Photo Cube with pictures from home could make them feel connected.

It could also be a thoughtful choice for a special anniversary or the perfect gift full of adorable pet portraits for that cat-lover friend. Additionally, a Photo Cube gift is the perfect box shape for wrapping, so no battling with difficult angles and precariously placed tape!

Choose the right option for you and your printer

A Canon Photo Cube sits on a desk, a Canon printer, plants, photo frames and other trinkets next to it.

There are a number of different packs available, including options with both paper and ink inside, so you can start printing your photos as soon as you open the box. Just select your favourites on your smartphone and print via the Canon PRINT app, or send them to your Canon printer from your computer.

Designed to display square-shaped images, the Canon Photo Cube works with any Canon printer that is compatible with Canon's square photo paper. If you purchase a pack – either Value or Creative – that includes ink cartridges, remember to make sure they're the correct fit for your printer.

Canon Photo Cube Value and Creative packs with PG-560/CL-561 PIXMA FINE ink cartridges and PP-201 Glossy II Photo Paper Plus square paper are compatible with a range of Canon printers, including the Canon PIXMA TS7450a Series and PIXMA TS5350a Series.

Canon Photo Cube Value and Creative packs with PG-540/CL-541 PIXMA FINE ink cartridges and PP-201 Glossy II Photo Paper Plus square paper are compatible with the Canon PIXMA TS5150 Series printers.

If you opt for the Canon Photo Cube Creative Pack that comes with PP-201 Glossy II Photo Paper Plus square paper and the Photo Cube Frame without ink cartridges, it is compatible with all the models mentioned above, plus the PIXMA G550, PIXMA G650, PIXMA G7050, PIXMA TS705a, PIXMA TS3150 Series, Canon PIXMA TS3350 Series, PIXMA TS3450 Series, PIXMA TS5350 Series, PIXMA TS6350 Series, PIXMA TS6350a Series, PIXMA TS8350 Series, PIXMA TS8350a Series and PIXMA TS9550 Series, as well as the MAXIFY GX3050, GX4050, GX5050, GX6050 and GX7050 printers.

With a selection of packs to suit different creative ambitions and budgets, the Canon Photo Cube offers endless options for storing and displaying your favourite photos, with plenty of ways to connect with family and friends, add a fun flourish to your home decor, or brighten a loved one's day.

Written by Kat Halstead

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