More creative opportunities with the Colorado 1640

Director DPN Rikken in front of Colorado 1640

It soon became clear the Colorado was generating even more turnover than I thought.

Antoine Haggenburg, Director, DPN Rikken

From stencil duplication to elaborate graphic creations

Director Antoine Haggenburg’s passion for his profession goes back much further to when, as a child, he would help with old-fashioned stencil duplication at his father’s school. “I now have my own printing company that has grown into a business with 24 employees. As a result of acquisitions, we gained more and more machines at our disposal, including an Arizona. We also bought a Colorado.”

Colorado 1640 at DPN Rikken

Clear choice

“The Colorado has a lot of competition, but there are several reasons why the choice was clear for me. We compared several machines: quality and ink consumption are very important, but I was especially impressed by the process with the Colorado, the UV drying and the automatic roller change. This is unique and great to work with. Our print runs are short and we work with about 30 different types of media. We now have one roll as standard for tests and the second roll is the one we always change. It doesn’t matter if we’re printing flags or stickers, the new rolls are easy to insert and the setup is automatic.”

Easy calculation

“And then it was a question of the figures. I was able to save €13,000 based on our production meters. We had an alternative printer, but that one consumed a lot more ink. With the Colorado it soon became clear that the Return on Investment was better than expected. We can also keep a lot more orders in-house, which is cheaper than buying in externally.”

Director DPN Rikken looking at Colorado 1640 print

GREENGUARD Gold certified

“Another advantage of the Colorado is the UVgel printing technology. Even though latex is a little better now than it used to be, you can still smell it. The GREENGUARD Gold certification on the UVgel inks means that we can hang wallpaper produced on the Colorado in hotels, schools and healthcare facilities.”

Easy to use and fast

“We need to be flexible and able to react quickly. An easy-to-use printer is important for this. This is certainly the case with the Colorado. Our employees have had absolutely no problem learning how to use it. One day of training was enough for the Colorado. We also use the Canon database with standard profiles. This works perfectly.”

“The Colorado prints quickly and that’s important for us: 42m² per hour with high quality. And higher speeds are possible with a lower resolution.”

We can do almost anything

“We can do so many different things: from different types of photo prints, to flags and all kinds of stickers. You can print a door on the Arizona, or print a doorsized sticker on the Colorado. We also produce hundreds of banners a month on the Colorado. It’s great to have so many possibilities in addition to the traditional printing methods.”

DPN Rikken

Bright future

Antoine foresees a bright future for his company by creating even more applications for the interior design market. With our webshop and personalised web portals I expect to use the Colorado even more. Together with the Arizona, we have the perfect combination in the field of signage, to provide our customers in the future with beautiful Large Format products for all kinds of stunning graphics applications.”

I know I can rely on Canon’s technology

Antoine Haggenburg, Director, DPN Rikken

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