Canon Crowd People Counter Software

Video content analysis software using deep learning technology to quickly and accurately analyse live video from Canon and Axis network cameras to measure the number of people in defined areas.
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Fast And Accurate Count For Large Crowd Management

The Crowd People Counter can count large numbers of people in a predefined area for a real-time response or statistical data. By visually measuring crowds using security cameras, it can be deployed in wide open spaces such as live events, public transport and urban open areas.
CPC Sample Station

Key Benefits

  • Fast and Accurate Headcount

  • Wide and Open Area Coverage

  • Installation Flexibility

  • Simple and Quick Deployment

See the Crowd People Counter software in action

Watch our video to learn more about the features and benefits of this groundbreaking software.

See how the Crowd People Counter software works rapidly and accurately to show crowd numbers. The results can assist the management of people movement and offer fast responses to changing situations.

Available for Windows and Milestone XProtect

Using the Canon Crowd People Counter Software is intuitive and powerful, whether on a Windows platform, or Milestone XProtect.

CPC Windows config image
CPC for Milestone XProtect config image

Fast and Accurate Headcount

The CPC can count substantial crowds in both small and large areas and give a pinpoint figure thanks to its proprietary algorithm which counts heads in a small pixel size.

Wide and Open Area Coverage

Capable of counting even when a camera is at a -10° to -65° meaning it can count substantially large spaces.

sample Intersection image

Intuitive algorithm

The software offers an intelligent algorithm for people counting, reducing the chances of inaccuracies for enhanced headcount accuracy.

Calculating density as an output

The software can output the result in various formats, including People/m2 and People/ft2. A limit can then be set to trigger an alert once the threshold is attained.

Real-time Monitoring and Statistical Output

Data obtained by the software can give live readings of footfall or store the data for future analysis.

Installation Flexibility

The software comes in two variants depending on use. It can be installed as a stand-alone Windows application or be utilised as a plug-in for Milestone’s XProtect security software

sample beach image

Simple and Quick Deployment

The simple but intuitive settings allow users to easily deploy this system immediately once the software is installed.

Analysis area setting

Monitor a selected area to count people only within a set targeted boundary for precise and robust analysis.

Sample station image

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