Auto Design

Auto Design feature combines the Dynamic Layout Engine (an automated layout tool that determines the positioning of elements such as images and text) with built in professional design expertise.

Auto Design

Auto Design feature combines the Dynamic Layout Engine (an automated layout tool that determines the positioning of elements such as images and text) with built in professional design expertise.

This is a combination of the client's design ideas and preferences incorporated into a database of colour palettes and templates developed by professional designers.

The combination of these two elements creates a selection of posters with an optimum colour scheme and layouts. Even if you have limited design expertise and/or production skills, you can easily create quality posters by harnessing the intuitive design capabilities incorporated within PosterArtist.

With Auto Design, the user inputs the following data to create a template:

1. Design Image
2. Title
3. Subtitle
4. Body
5. Images

Within the Auto Design Category interface you are allowed to select up to 8 images and choose up to 8 colour patterns after the first series of templates have been generated. Within the area where images are selected, there is a capability to choose the same image multiple times in order to have it laid on the final piece more than once. After all selections have been filled within the Auto Design categories, designs are created automatically then their thumbnails are displayed in the next window.

The number of designs that are created varies depending on the number of selected photos, paper orientation or design image. When the templates have been generated you can use the "Temporary Tray" when you are not sure which design to use. Place your favourite designs in "Temporary Tray" and use them as replacements when needed.

Design Check

After the poster has been fully designed to meet your needs, PosterArtist provides a proofing function to make sure your print has no design issues.

Design Check

The Design Check feature analyses certain aspects of a completed poster, such as colour schemes, superimposed objects and font size, and alerts the user of any potential design issues.

On the tool bar, select the Design Check icon. When the icon is selected a warning symbol is displayed within the poster if there is a problem or if the output of the poster will not meet expectations. For example, if the Design Check detects text superimposed over an image or different fonts used together, it will display a warning icon at the relevant location. If a warning symbol is displayed within the poster you may click on it in order to receive a full explanation of the warning and a preventive method for the problem.

These are some of the problems that are detected by the Design Check feature:

- Low image resolution
- Text over image
- Object over image
- Too many different fonts

Page Capture

The Page Capture feature of PosterArtist gives you the flexibility to send Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheet graphs, for insertion into your posters.

Page Capture

With Page Capture, documents or images are brought into a thumbnail screen where the user can then simply drag-and-drop them into PosterArtist. You can also choose the order or size of the files to be placed in the poster and add text. This function provides a simple way to create posters from material that is already created.

In order to utilise this feature the imagePROGRAF Printer Driver must be installed. The Page Capture feature begins within the Printer Driver and ends in PosterArtist. After the images and documents have been placed into the poster, you are still able to adjust the poster in order to get the look you want.

You can still use all the other tools that are available within PosterArtist. For example you can change the colour of the background even after all documents have been placed into the poster, or you can add clipart of images that are housed within PosterArtist.

*This feature is only available on Windows 32 bit.

Security Settings

PosterArtist allows for security settings that are incorporated into open templates providing restrictions on creative material. Templates and sample images can be registered with PosterArtist to provide security and control over content.

Security Settings

Use of content may be restricted as follows:
- Use import and export functions to distribute content with restrictions attached.
- Set restrictions such as an expiration date for images or templates at the time that artwork is being registered into PosterArtist.
- Note that once applied, security settings for valid periods and editing restrictions cannot be reversed.

For example, it is necessary to use Security Setting if an image has legal rights pertaining to its usage after a set date.

Icons that indicate content restrictions:
- Clock Icon – effective period applies
- Expired Icon – effective period has expired and image is now 50% grey
- X icon – Editing restrictions apply

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