EOS C700 Global Shutter (CMOS) Sensor Replacement Service

EOS C700 Global Shutter Sensor Replacement Service

Capture the action

Capture distortion-free images even when shooting fast-moving objects when you replace the standard sensor of your PL* mount EOS C700 with a Global Shutter (GS) CMOS sensor. Changing to a GS sensor loses autofocus capability but has the advantage that all of the sensor’s pixels are exposed at the same time.

Sensor performance comparison

EOS C700 C700 GS PL*
AF Yes n/a
Flash band correction Yes No (not required)
Rolling shutter distortion Yes No
Lowest ISO ISO 160 (ISO Expansion ISO 100) ISO 640 (ISO Expansion ISO 400)
Canon Log base ISO ISO 400 ISO 1600
Canon Log 2 base ISO ISO 800 ISO 3200
Cinema RAW recording pixels Max. 4512 x 2376 Max. 4277 x 2376
Surrounding area 4.5K 4.2K
Canon Log 2 Dynamic range 15 Stop 14 Stop

Important information

*EOS C700 EF models need to have the lens mount changed to a PL mount before Global Shutter sensor replacement, but both services can be performed at the same time if required.

Important information

Pricing guide

Pricing from Canon Service & Repair Centres*:

Option 1: C700 PL to C700 GS PL = £3132

Option 2: C700 EF to C700 PL to C700 GS PL = £3132 + Lens Mount Replacement fee

* All prices include VAT and return shipping. Pricing excludes inbound shipping.

CPS Members can take advantage of the Fast Track turnaround times appropriate to their membership level.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Pricing guide




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