Transform, digital transformation and business process management

Transform your business processes to work faster and smarter


Manual workflows hamper productivity and stifle growth – preventing you from meeting business challenges like cutting turnaround times and admin costs, and making document-intensive workflows more secure.

Improve the way you work, by digitising key areas of business process management. You can do this in a range of ways – by integrating technologies, managing services, or even by completely outsourcing your document processes to Canon.

Transform, DWF Law discover the benefits of going paperless using digital transformation solutions from Canon

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Find out how we helped DWF Law improve the flow of information between their offices, while cutting costs and improving data security.

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Customer Applications

Digital Mailroom

digital mailroom
Manage mail faster and more efficiently, to improve productivity, reduce costs and deliver better customer service. A digital mailroom, with automatic mail processing, also improves control and visibility, while strengthening information security.

Invoice Processing

invoice processing
Boost productivity by freeing staff from non-core tasks, and save money by reducing late payment fines. Automated invoice processing also allows you to monitor your invoice status more accurately – enabling you to make better informed business decisions.

Procurement Optimisation

E procurement – purchase to pay
Identify strategic savings and reduce waste, by investing in our E procurement tools. With a better grasp of your buying habits, you can also avoid supply chain risks and ensure regulatory and contractual compliance.

HR Digitisation

HR digitisation
Improve productivity and cut costs, by replacing manual HR processes with faster, automated workflows that allow greater control and visibility. Digital HR, with electronic filing and archiving, is also a more secure and efficient way of handling sensitive employee data.

3D Printing for Prototyping

3D printing design communication
Speed up your product development and reduce time to market with 3D printed prototypes. Enabling you to re-design products faster and more cost effectively, giving you the capability to fully test and perfect your designs before mass production.


invoice processing
Accelerate the transition between product development and production with 3D printing. Supporting manufacturing companies reduce waste and handling errors with 3D printed tools, jigs and fixtures, whilst speeding up the production process.

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