Canon's Corporate Health & Safety Policy

Corporate Health & Safety Policy

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Corporate Health & Safety Policy

Canon (UK) Limited is committed to having an effective policy on the health and safety of its employees, not just as part of its policy of complying with all legislation and regulations, but also because it recognises that successful management of health and safety is both a reflection of our being a responsible employer and also of our determination to be an organisation recognised as being committed to total quality management throughout our operation.

The Corporate Health & Safety Policy document provides details on the following: 
  • Our Statement of Intent
  • Canon’s responsibilities
  • Responsibilities for carrying out the Policy
  • Arrangements for Implementation
Download Canon's Corporate Health & Safety Policy document. 

Canon's Corporate Health & Safety Policy

Canon UK & IE ISO45001:2018 and SSIP certificate


Product Safety

Canon considers that safety is one of the most important measurement tools for product quality. Besides quality evaluation, each product is extensively tested for compliance with the relevant harmonised safety standards involving Electrical and Operator Safety. This is then reflected in the CE declaration and marking.

The world-wide policy of Canon Inc. is that each product sold should comply with the Health and Safety requirements and legislation of the countries or areas in which it is to be marketed. For the UK this includes equipment risk assessment carried out under our responsibility as the 'supplier'.

This section is intended to present our customers with the technical information which may be required to facilitate a suitable & sufficient assessment of risks to their employees (or users) under their own responsibility (or duty of care).

Safety Information for Canon Products
It goes without saying that any product destined for the market must be safe in its use.  The 'Safety Information for Canon Products' booklet describes how Canon designs and manufactures equipment with safety for the human being and environment in mind.  It also provides valuable information concerning safe site installation, safe use and some of the effective environmental factors for Canon products.  It is not however, a substitute for a thorough reading of the specific product operation manuals.

Download a detailed Safety Information for Canon Products document.

Material Safety Data Sheets
Under effective legislation - Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) - and by popular demand, we are making our full database of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available here, in addition to the conventional sources, in order to maximise on availability.

Please note:  This applies to genuine Canon consumables only.

Here you will be able to view or obtain MSDS for the following substances as and where they are used throughout the entire range of Canon products:  

  • Inks
  • Toners
  • Photo-sensitive Drums (where applicable)
  • Lubricants
  • Cleaning substances (used by service personnel)  

Service Safety

Where we provide customer service on our customer's premises, the undertaking of our service representatives will inherently introduce risks. The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations (MHSaW) recognises that communication and cooperation is key to the elimination / control of such risks, thereby promoting the Health, Safety and Welfare of all interested parties.

In keeping with the spirit of the MHSaW regulations, this section is intended to present our customers with our 'All Risk' information, as is needed to effectively facilitate employer cooperation, along with the suitable and sufficient risk control measures that are expected and required.

The understanding and use of these documents is intended to ensure that all parties are sufficiently informed to work with us in Risk Management Cooperation.

Work Method Statement
This describes concisely, the scope for work and work methods used by our visiting service representative. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the 'Model Risk Assessment', to provide a clear overall view of the potential for complex risks, as the service undertaking is compared / integrated with our customers identified hazards and risk control precautions.

Download a Work Method Statement document.

Model Risk Assessment
This qualitative assessment of risks serves as a 'model' under the provision made by the MHSaW Regs. It considers all risks inherent to the undertaking of our service representative (generic to all Canon regions for the UK). Whilst it cannot as such include the individual environmental factors inherent to each of our customers premises, this information is being shared in order that it may be extended / adapted and integrated with our customers own risk control precautions. It is intended to be used in conjunction with our 'Work Method Statement'.

Download a Model Risk Assessment document.

Dealing with Waste Toner during servicing
This section covers procedures that have been designed to cater for the safe service handling needs of every type of waste toner container throughout the Canon range of copiers i.e.CLC / NP & GP. These are divided in 6 different types and "best practice" methods which are described separately.

Download Information on Dealing with Waste Toner during servicing

Electrical Safe System of Work
This designed and developed Safe System of Work serves as an example to demonstrate our unified (proven safe standard) approach to working safely in high risk undertakings. Such documentation is dual purpose in that it provides a minimum level platform for the instruction and refresher training of our service technicians, which leads to the competence that we are not only able to boast, but also continually make assessment for reason of personnel development.

Download an Electrical Safe System Of Work document.