Society – Socially responsible business

We aim to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities to all our stakeholders. Our Kyosei philosophy is our vision for all people, regardless of race, politics, gender, ability, religion or culture to live and work together in harmony.

This includes:
• Respecting our customers
• Guiding our employees
• Supporting the communities where we operate
• Reducing our impacts on the natural environment.

Our stakeholders range from investors, NGOs and customers, to local communities, our employees and suppliers. We have responsibilities to each group and work to fulfill their expectations and our obligations to them. We help our employees understand their role in supporting the business as we strive to operate fairly and ethically, while promoting sustainable economic growth.

We engage with organisations, individuals and communities where we operate; helping tackle social and health issues and promoting wealth and income creation. We invest in regional and local projects and bring our corporate social responsibility activities to life in the communities we depend on.

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