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Canon BU-47H

The BU-47H is a Broadcast Outdoor Pan and Tilt camera with image stabilizing and an 18x zoom lens, offering Full HD (1920x1080) through 3CMOS sensors and 2.37 megapixels.


  • High-resolution Full HD video

  • Waterproof, dust-proof construction

  • Full selection of interfaces

  • Compact, lightweight body

  • Finely graded video adjustment functions

  • 18x zoom lens with focal length 4.1 to 73.8 mm

  • Autofocus and Image Stabilization

Detailed Features

  • 1/3” 3 CMOS Full HD Outdoor and Pan & Tilt camera

    The BU-47H is a Full HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom video camera all housed in an elegant design. It features a pan-tilt head, a built-in 18x zoom. The system offers extensive control of the pan-tilt head, lens functions. The three CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV III Image Processor combination, outputs 1080i Full HD resolution with a full array of video adjustment options.Canon CMOS sensors offer several advantages over traditional CCD: reduced power consumption, exceptional low-light performance, and resistance to glare. The use of multiple CMOS sensors dedicated to separate RGB channels improves noise and color accuracy.

  • Weatherproof

    The BU-47H is an extremely sturdy, dustproof/waterproof pan-tilt system with an IP45 enclosure rating and incorporates a built-in wiper.

  • Wide Pan-Tilt Coverage

    The BU-46H can pan 340 degrees and tilt +30 / -50 degrees in highly precise and smoothly choreographed movements.

  • High Optical Performance and Image Stabilization

    The BU-47H provides exceptional HD video images with enhanced operational flexibilities. It is prepared for a wide range of lighting conditions with a minimum required brightness of.08 lux (*) which enables shooting even at brightness levels equivalent to moonlight (0.5 to 1 lux)The 18X Optical Zoom HD lens offers 4.1 wide angle to 73.8 mm telephoto, 7.4 mm to 134 mm (2/3” equivalent) with Auto Focus. It utilizes multiple aspherical and Hi-UD elements for distortion-free images and optical image stabilization for clear images in high-vibration environments.

  • Finely graded video adjustment functions that satisfy the needs of professionals

    White balance, master pedestal, R-Gain, B-Gain, G-Gain, hue, master black (R/G/B), setup level, knee, sharpness, horizontal detail frequency, gamma, black gamma, master pedestal, knee, setup, 100% clipping, sharpness level, sharpness horizontal band, sharpness HV balance, sharpness limits, sharpness select, knee aperture, luminance-adaptive sharpness, coring level, luminance-adaptive coring, noise reduction, skin detail, selective noise reduction, low-key saturation, color matrix, color gain, hue, white balance, color correction.

  • Video Outputs

    HD and SD

  • Connector Receptacle

    DC, Control, AUX, SDI, VBS-(SD composite), Genlock

Canon BU-47H
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