High-performance 2/3” B4 mount box lens built for stunning 4K and HDR broadcast imaging. Fluorite and UD lens elements and advanced electronics provide incredible images, reduced distortion and reduced focus breathing.


  • Ideal for HDR filming, with impressive contrast and accurate RGB capture
  • Less ghosting, meaning clearer images in all lighting conditions
  • New polishing techniques mean fewer glass irregularities
  • Fluorite and UD glass for best ever image quality and less chromatic aberration
  • CAFS technology and 32-bit CPU for reduced focus breathing
  • Powerful 27x optical zoom, 6.5–360 mm (with built in 2x extender)
  • Full compatibility with all major broadcast systems
  • Brightness of T1.5 at 6.5–123 mm, T2.2 at 180 mm
  • New L-Progress design for professional looks and easy handling

Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into the UHD DIGISUPER 27 (UJ27x6.5B)

Vivid 4K and HDR imaging

The Canon UJ27×6.5B IESD is a 2/3” B4 mount studio and field broadcast lens designed for 4K and HDR shooting. Its Canon optics deliver incredible image quality across the frame, from centre to edge. With HDR becoming mainstream, the UJ27 is ready, accurately resolving RGB tones and producing crisp, high contrast images.

Exceptional optics

The UJ27 box lens employs the latest combination of ultra-low dispersion and fluorite glass, plus an enhanced polishing process that produces even smoother, optically true glass. The result is reduced internal reflections, ghosting and chromatic aberration, producing crisp images ready for 4K, UHD and beyond.

Minimal focus breathing

Constant Angle Focusing System (CAFS) uses a 32-bit CPU to eliminate focus breathing – the unwanted distortion that occurs when shifting focus or zoom. CAFS calculates focus changes and synchronises the zoom to counteract the picture size and angle of view, leaving a pin-sharp, distortion-free image.

Powerful 27x optical zoom

The UJ27 box lens is built for studio and heavy-duty field shooting, offering a versatile standard focal length of 6.5–180 mm, and 13–360 mm using the built in 2.0x extender. A premium lens, it offers superior brightness levels of T1.5 at 6.5–123 mm and T2.2 at 180 mm ¬– all while maintaining sharp 4K and UHD images.

Made to work hard

The UJ27 is built to fit any studio or field shooting workflow. Operators will find it easy to work with, from its small size, to its smooth servo performance, 20-pin connector support for virtual studio systems and on-screen information display. A range of accessories is also available, including a prompter cover for studio use.

L-Progress design language

Canon’s new L-Progress design makes the UJ27 easy to handle and great to look at. A slick black-grey styling is combined with convenient carry handles, meaning the 21.5 kg lens is simple to operate and manoeuvre. What’s more, all contemporary Canon lens systems are free of lead and other environmentally harmful substances.

Product Specification

Find out more about the UHD DIGISUPER 27 (UJ27x6.5B), its features and what it can do.


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