Print production made easy with Canon’s powerful PRISMA Ecosystem

Canon’s PRISMA Ecosystem provides and allows start to finish print production that is efficient, controllable, and automated.

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Take Control of your Print Workflow with Prisma Ecosystem

Canon’s powerful PRISMA Ecosystem consisting of PRISMAprepare, PRISMAdirect & PRISMAsync makes print production easy by automating and simplifying your processes, while allowing complete control.

The PRISMA Ecosystem function allows you to easily acquire and manage documents, all the way to production and fulfilment of them as well as tools to allow efficient document preparation to optimise composition, content, image, colour, layout, and media.

Canon’s high-end controller delivers performance that allows you to plan up to 8 hours of production with accurate job finish times based on print time and media used.

If you would like to experience the PRISMA Ecosystem in a print environment request a demonstration.

Video explaining what the PRISMA Ecosystem is - Canon UK
Video explaining what the PRISMA Ecosystem is

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The three key pillars of Canon’s PRISMA Ecosystem

PRISMAdirect, PRISMAprepare & PRISMAdirect form Canon's PRISMA Ecosystem.

  • PRISMAdirect

    PRISMAdirect gives you complete control over your workflow, with a single scalable solution that allows you to review order and task details, connect with customers, and maintain a clear insight. It is designed to be fully optimised with Canon digital presses, enabling precise business performance monitoring.

  • PRISMAprepare

    PRISMAprepare allows easy and efficient changes to documents such as: variable print preparation, text and image adjustment, layout and finishing options refinement (with our what you see is what you get interface), speed and efficiency optimisation, photo and scan optimisation and media selection for every print job.

  • PRISMAsync

    PRISMAsync and software such as Job Scheduler and Remote Manager allow you to plan your print tasks 8 hours in advance (which reduces idle time) and informs the operator to intervene when media for a specific print job is running short. PRISMAsync assists you in maintaining complete control of your print when you need it the most.

  • Explore further

  • PRISMAprepare

    Quickly capture, process and distribute documents and data into the right workflows.

  • PRISMAdirect

    Web-based end-to-end print workflow solution.

  • PRISMAprepare Go

    Effortless print production workflows in the cloud, for simple, efficient job submission.

  • PRISMAlytics Accounting

    Capture and utilise print data for reliable performance monitoring and accurate cost allocation.

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