Future book forum 2023



This year we celebrated 10 years of Future Book Forum at our Customer Experience Centre in Poing, Germany. It was a jam-packed two days of presentations, discussions, and networking, all focussed around unlocking the power of liquid design.

Grow your audience with liquid design

Canon's Future Book Forum is an exclusive, invitation-only, global networking event for the book industry. It gives publishers, printers, and industry experts a chance to take part in an open exchange of ideas to help shape the future of books.

Just a decade ago, the opportunities available to today's book publishing industry were unimaginable. New innovations in ways of working and technology have since emerged at lightning pace, setting the scene for a blooming of creativity and growth.

And so, to celebrate the events tenth year, the industry's leading players gathered to explore the mindsets, tools and technologies that are defining the future of the sector.

Liquid Design

This year's theme focusses on powerful possibilities at the intersection of physical and digital creativity. Liquid design is all about how we can create a better book experience for readers by merging physical and digital formats and eliminating boundaries. It starts with the customer - creating seamless experiences and diversifying approaches to engage better with the audience.

Person talking about Liquid design in Future Book Forum 2023
Person talking about the Publishing 2020 Accelerator at Future book forum

Publishing 2030 Accelerator

The Publishing 2030 Accelerator initiative was launched at the Canon Future Book Forum 2022, to accelerate systematic change towards sustainability within the book publishing sector. The leaders of the three initial workstreams gave an update on their work over the last year, as well as insights on how to move forward in 2024 and beyond.

10 year anniversary

For a decade now, the Canon Future Book Forum has brought togethers publishers and printers to collaborate on new ideas and share different perspectives on what the future of book publishing looks like. It is not about putting books on pallets, but about inspiring networking and showcasing insights on how to create opportunities that bring efficiency and value.

Canon Future Book Forum 2023 video


  • Global thought leader, author, futurist and speaker

    Peter Fisk

    The power of liquid design.
    Exploring the idea of liquid design to re-imagine, re-interpret, and re-design the book experience.

  • SVP, Lifestyle, Knowledge and News at Future

    Sophie Wybrew-Bond

    Connect audiences with engaging experiences.
    Connect audiences to their passions through content creation, innovative technology and delivering engaging experiences.

  • Content Creator and Community Manager at Tandem Collective

    Holly McLoughlin

    Unlocking the power of liquid marketing
    Grow your audience with real-time digital activation by co-creation and co-promotion across platforms, from Instagram to TikTok.

  • CEO and Co-Founder at Ludenso

    Eirik Wahlstrøm

    Bridging the physical and digital with AR
    Liquid design in practice. By facilitating a seamless experience from the textbook to digital content, publishers can empower educators and learners to choose their own learning path.

  • VP at International Publishers Association

    Gvantsa Jobava

    The future of Book Publishing
    Connecting Future Book Forum discussions to local and global opportunities identified by IPA and the prospects for publishers to tackle big world challenges.

  • Founders of Quantic Brains

    Julio Covacho López & Manuel Lucania Fesser

    Transform content creation processes with AI
    Human brains building artificial brains. Using AI powered tools and services for automated content generation with none or very little human intervention.

  • Rachel Martin - Global Director of Sustainability at Elsevier

    Dr. Michiel Kolman - SVP, Research Networks and Academic Ambassador at Elsevier

    Richard Charkin - Publisher and former president of the IPA Jörg Engelstädter - Founder of the Future Book Forum at Canon Publishing 2030 Accelerator
    Driving systematic change towards sustainability within the book publishing sector. The team leaders of the initiative will give an update on their work.

  • Stefano De Marco - CEO at Tecnau / Sitma

    Sara Panceri - Communication Manager at TXT Spa

    Creating liquid retail experiences
    Making access to education increasingly easier. With the support of SITMA's innovative packaging solutions and their own distribution expertise, TXT is delivering a customized online service for schoolbooks in retail stores.

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