Advanced Digital Photo Printing System

Canon DreamLabo 5000

Canon DreamLabo 5000 is a highly productive, low maintenance digital photo printing system that produces a diverse range of premium quality photos, offering multiple opportunities to increase profits.

  • High quality

    2,400 dpi resolution for premium quality photo prints

  • Accurate

    FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) printhead technology

  • Fast

    2,300 6” x 4” finished photo prints per hour or 1,140 A4 pages pages per hour

  • Eco-friendly

    low water requirement, no harmful photo processing chemicals, low power consumption, quiet operation


    Supported by the world’s largest imaging company, the Canon DreamLabo 5000 is an advanced digital photo printing system that opens new revenue streams. It delivers premium quality, eco-friendly photo prints and boosts productivity with fast technology that’s easy and efficient to use and maintain.

    Consistently superlative quality

    With precision inkjet technology and seven dye-based inks, the colour and detail of DreamLabo 5000 photo prints compares favourably with competitive technologies in the market. Saturated colours, pinpoint accuracy and fine detail definition, print after print.

    Streamlined photo production

    DreamLabo 5000 is easy to use, simple to integrate into existing workflows and needs minimal maintenance. With multiple paper rolls and reserve ink reservoirs, it’s engineered for maximum productivity and hassle-free, uninterrupted production.

    Environmentally responsible photo prints

    DreamLabo 5000 uses water-based inks and needs no harmful photo processing chemicals. Operation is virtually odourless and remarkably quiet, and the printer consumes low quantities of water and energy, while producing a minimal amount of waste ink.

    Dream come true

    With premium quality digital photo prints, the only limit is your imagination. From professional quality photobooks to premium marketing collateral, develop new services, expand your customer base and boost your margins.

    Dream quality

    DreamLabo 5000 gives you superb fine detail definition and vibrant colours. And why not print on art, premium, luxury or speciality papers to add a special touch to products like wedding photobooks, delighting your customers and driving higher margins.

    Dream big

    Reimagine what’s possible and unlock new profit opportunities with DreamLabo 5000. With the confidence to deliver superior quality, eco-friendly photo prints at speed, you can explore new business and consumer markets and find fresh revenue streams.



    • 2,400 dpi resolution

      for outstanding photo quality prints

    • FINE printhead technology

      Accurate (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) for outstanding image detail and vividness

    • 2,300 6” x 4” photos per hour

      or 1,140 A4 pages per hour

    • Two or four paper rolls

      allows roll changes on the fly for photo production around the clock

    • Low water and power consumption

      Only 50W when Power off for energy efficiencies

    • No harmful photo processing chemicals

      so virtually odourless

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